For individual taxpayers, corporations and other organizations should file or pay their Annual Income Tax Return for the Taxable/Calender Year ending December 31, 2010 through  Electronic Filing and Payment System (EFPS) and manual filing/payment to their respective revenue district office (RDO)  and authorized agent banks (AAB) applicable to them on or before April 15, 2011.

It is recommended for the taxpayers to file and pay their taxes on time regardless of their companies is no operation or has operation to avoid comprise penalties, interest & surcharges.

This is to inform also that today is the deadline of Quarterly Income Tax Return for Individual Taxpayers.

The finance and accounting department in the office has started filing and paying the tax dues through EFPS and Manual Filing/Payment of the different companies and its affiliates yesterday and today until 5:00 in the afternoon.

For individual and non-individual taxpayers should  file and pay the Income Tax Return (ITR) using the BIR form 1701 in triplicate copies (two copies for BIR or AAB and one copy for the taxpayer) together with the Summary Alphalist of W/holding Agents of Income Payments  Subjected to W/holding Tax (SAWT), if applicable and BIR for 1702 in triplicate copies together with SAWT and Audited Financial Statements which is filed in five copies (two copies for the BIR or AAB and three copies for taxpayer to be filed in Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), respectively. The taxpayer could request additional copies in excess of the required attachments but should have paid a certification fee amounting to one hundred pesos for each copies.

Under the EFPS, the required attachments may be filed fifteen days after the submission of the ITR not later April 15, 2011.