The management in the office invited a speaker including financial managers from the Company, Sunlife Canada (Philippines) who conducted a seminar about managing finances. They also presented the vision and mission of the company and its products and services to us which is also a form of sharing their ideas and marketing of their products.

In the seminar, I have learned that there are three (3) stages in a person’s financial life as follows:

1. Man at work – It is to believe that when man working hard to earn money.

2. Man and Money at work – This is the time when man works to earn money and the excess money earned use to produce wealth that results into a passive income.

3. Money at work – At the time of retirement, when man at the right or early age invested money in the right way expected that will not worry about its finances that could help sustaining daily needs.

In addition, I have also learned the people’s behavior on money with regards to status in life: Poor (Income less Expenses equals Savings), Middle Class (Expense less Income equals Debt) and Rich (Income less Savings equals Expenses).

The morale in the seminar is categorized as follows:

1. Time – Save as you can.

2. Money – Saves as much and as regular as you can.

3. Interest rate – Find better than inflation interest rate.

Thank you to the persons involed who presented the seminar especially to Sunlife Canada (Philippines) for the informations you have shared to us.