ADVIL LIQUI-FORCE has Prevented the Invasion of the LEGION OF PAIN

Yesterday, at around seven o’ clock in the evening, as I was walking by in the Market Market Central Plaza, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, supposedly will go the department store or outlets in the mall to  canvass  a pair of shoes in replace for my old black pair leather shoes  still currently use in my daily activities for about three years, more or less, when a person informed me that the LEGION OF PAIN or PAIN MONSTERS will going to invade around the metro.

The daily activities in business and non-business community is in going concern despite of the challenges, pains and headaches which probably has experienced  among the employees, employers, businessmen and citizens due to loaded office works, busy for business engagements, work projects, tiredness, lack of immunity or lack of exercise  and toxic exposed in the environment.

But the ADVIL LIQUI- FORCE have fight and  prevented the LEGION OF PAIN or PAIN MONSTERS who are unsuccessfully do their wrong motives or plans for the invasion in the community. Aside from that, the ADVIL LIQUI-FORCE has promoted the ADVIL LIQUI-GEL to the shoppers and citizens to prevent and relieve back pain, head ache, toothache and dysmenorrhea.

In fact, I have recorded a video to know more about the event by just visiting the following link:

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ADVIL LIQUI-FORCE, a battle to win the Invasion of the LEGION OF PAIN

With this, I am glad and have learned important ideas and facts in dealing with  health and wellness of every person. Thank you to the management of Pfizer Philippines who has recently launched the new Ibuprofen Advil Liquid Gel with their sayings: “Because life move fast- take the pain reliever that moves fast too. ”  A fast pain reliever of back pain, headaches, toothache and dysmenorrhea.

Hopefully, this publication is informative to everyone with regards to health awareness and wellness.



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  1. Gonna try this one if this really work on me.. have tried other brand yesterday however, the muscle pain in my left hand remains..

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