Last October 4, 2011, the Magalona Family and Friends has successfully launched the Francis Magalona Foundation (FMF) or Francis Magalona Foundation, Inc. held in St. Francis Shangri-La Place, Mandaluyong City.

In fact, it was also the 47th Birth Anniversary of the late Master Rapper, Francis Magalona, members of the press and guests has gathered to witness the launch of the Francis Magalona Foundation (FMF). With this, the Magalona Family and close friends, have decided to continue FrancisM’s legacy: Find Meaning in the Filipino. A people with a true sense of Filipino pride, personal integrity and commitment to positive change.

The Francis Magalona Foundation has partnered with The OneCORE Success Center (OneCORE) to offer personal development programs to guide each one in Finding Meaning in the Filipino.

The OneCORE provides avenues for self-learning and personal development through skills building workshops and one-on-one coaching. FMF and The OneCORE will be offering programs to equips individuals with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to successfully address the challenges from the 5 Aspects of Life: the Self, Family, Academics/Career, Social/Friends and Sense of Purpose.

• Born To Be A Hero™ Talk. Heroism is defined in the broadest sense as “any act that calls for you to step out of yourself whether consciously or unconsciously making yourself present to the moment for others – and for yourself.” (p. 16, Born To Be A Hero 2010).

Designed from the best-selling and life transforming book of the same title by Coach Pia Nazareno-Acevedo, the country’s leading Life Transitions Coach, this talk enables participants to begin the journey to find their inner greatness and capacity to be a hero for themselves and for others through small and big things!

• My Survival Guide. This skills building workshop empowers participants to live rooted in their core – the essence of who they are by cultivating deeper self awareness and by equipping them with skills to: articulate personal values, acquire confidence and certitude in one’s strengths, identify areas for personal, relationship and career growth, map out an action plan, and develop a systematic and attainable strategy for success.

Together, self-awareness and these skills empower participants to live the life they envision for themselves and for their country.

• eMANcipate is a program especially designed for LGBTs. It aims to support participants’ process of liberation by deepening their self-awareness and by equipping them with necessary life skills. The program addresses issues about: dealing with discrimination and hurtful relationships, nurturing self-acceptance and self-confidence, and strategizing for personal, relationship and career success. Together, self-awareness and these skills empower participants to live a life of pride and flair for themselves and for their country.

FMF is currently making arrangements to deliver these programs in the next few months to public and private schools, professional organizations, companies and the like. Companies, organizations and individuals are urged to get involved as donors, volunteers and beneficiaries.

In support of FMF, the FrancisM Clothing Company has developed and produced a new line of merchandise with the message Find Meaning in the Filipino. Filipinos are encouraged to be proud of their identity by wearing products that carry slogans and visual representation of Filipino values.

The act of putting that shirt on serves as a reminder that we are in charge of our selves. Proceeds from the sale of this merchandise are donated to FMF to fund its various personal development programs.

To get involved and know more about the foundation just visit