CASHSENSE INC. is a licensed remittance company: Philippines, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas; Certification No. FX-2006-001581 • Hong Kong, HKPNB; Registration No. NB CON 8/3/1 SF (1397) • UK/Europe, Financial Services Authority; Registration No. 505195 • Anti Money Laundering, HM Customs and Excise Money Laundering Regulation; Certification No. 12549456

Cashsense is currently provides a cash-based payment facility that aims to help online merchants (Multiply, Facebook, own website, etc) in the Philippines to reach out to a larger market in the online Filipino community (particularly those who want to shop online but do not have/want to use credit cards). When a merchant links their items for sale to the Cashsense Shopping Cart, their customers can buy items from their online store and pay cash at any 7-Eleven or MLhuillier outlet in the Philippines.

Moreover, Cashsense also provides online remittance, online shopping, merchant, payroll and associates.



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