In the past four days of the previous week, I had finally downloaded a free app in my phone – a KJV Bible Audiobook and I was glad about it. In fact, it is really helpful for me using this high tech and portable application in my daily activities. Reading while listening and learning pronunciation of words.

The KJV Bible Audiobook that I’ve downloaded consist of the New Testament and Old Testament. Another features included is the Books of the Bible that categorizes into Books of Law, Books of History, Books of Poetry, Major Prophets, Minor Prophets, The Gospels, Pauline Epistles, General Epistles and Books of Prophecy. Maps and Geography and other features were also included in the KJV Bible Audiobook.

Having of this application is really great and awesome. Really impressive but hoping that I could download another free app in my phone just like a PC Study Bible  software  installed in my PC Notebook that I had received from a pastor in our church few months ago.