In the past twelve months, more or less, blogging was formally introduced to me together with other members in our church by our mentors which in fact have benefited us in the development of our technical and non-technical writing skills that eventually that skills or ability were use in producing wealth whether that is related to financial or non-financial.

It is such a blessing to our gracious God for giving me the ability to produce wealth, for introducing me mentors in blogging and in spiritual aspect, and to my associates, co-bloggers, readers, advertisers, employers, contributors, relatives and friends for the support that made possible this site successful.

I am glad and thankful to my mentors: and

I do believe that He is able to do everything and He is faithful in middle of difficulties and success in life. Success in life is not only about gaining wealth in this world. The Almighty is the real and secret of success. In reverence, put Him first in everything we do.

In the present, I am a General Accounting Assistant of and have other blogs with details as follows:, and

Thank you for this day.


The Race for Life 2011 in favor or for the benefit of the scholars of the Real Life Foundation last November 12, 2011 was fun and successful event.

3K, 5K, 10K and Amazing Race was the categories joined by different groups of runners, members, families, friends, supporters, advertisers, media groups and everyone involved  made possible the event successful.

It was a great experience for me to have joined the 5K category in the Race for Life 2011. I was informed that one or two weeks preparation in a marathon or fun run is necessary for a runner to avoid less pain of body, to gain more agility and to avoid injuries during and after the event. But I only did a four times 20-minute jog one day before the event and had experienced muscle pain in my legs one day after the race.

Two of us had started the race around 10 minutes behind the actual time started and I have a great experienced to finished the race a  time record of 38 for the 5k run result.

Thank you Real Life Foundation for this great and successful event.