I was thankful to have received a Milk Choco Candy Coated Chocolate Nips product from a generous person in the past three days of this July 2012.

It was about months when the last time I gave her a dark chocolate and in fact it was not the very first time to have received a chocolate from her.  During that time, I was glad and speechless upon receiving it.

We’re in the office on that day upon giving and receiving the chocolate. I was glad and immediately took a photo of the Nips product via Instagram posting in my FB Account and  decided to blog about it. Giving and receiving of chocolates has really reminded me of the memorable days in my life. Nips chocolate products also reminds me of my high school days as one of my favorite dessert or snack during those days.

Eating chocolate is beneficial to every person’s health especially dark chocolate. In fact, dark chocolate is good for our heart. Consuming a small bar of dark chocolate can reduce or lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

Generally, eating chocolates are best in giving boost to the moods. According to my research through Google, the caffeine presence eases the symptoms  of premenstrual. It can also avoid the damage of cells, helpful to improve and balance the blood sugar levels and other advantages.

I was inspired and gladly consumed the Milk Choco Candy Chocolate Nips during my review class in that evening.  With this, I considered to treasure it also as one of my memorable days  especially to the  beautiful woman for her kindness and generosity.