The first thing that we should take note before reformatting a computer or laptop using windows xp or other operating system is to backup all necessary files from the hard drive of a computer that will be reformatted to avoid losing data.

After that, make sure that your computer is set to Boot to CD. It means that under the BIOS Settings, the CD is set to priority or set to boot CD first. Then save your BIOS settings and exit. Every computer has a different procedures in setting a BIOS System. Most systems use “Del,” “F2” or “F1.” Of course, in doing this make sure to turn on your computer or restart if it is already running.

With this, your are now ready to reformat your computer using windows xp cd. Insert the Winxdowa XP Installer CD in your CD Room and restart your computer. In the process, on the screen of your computer you will ask to press any key to boot from CD. Then, the set up of installing a fresh copy of Windows XP Operating System will be process chronologically as provided.

After installing the important set up files, Windows XP will display your partitions. You’re required to delete the partitions to avoid duplicity of operating system. Just follow the steps within the process, Press D in deleting the partition and after that you are required to create a partition. Press C to create a partition of the unpartitioned space and select Format the partition using the NTFS file system.

Make sure to follow the procedures required by the Windows XP installer from the beginning until the end or final  installation of the operating system.

After the installation of the Windows XP operating system is completed make sure to re-install the drivers (Modem, video, sound, wifi, etc.) and programs needed in your computer. Update also your software and programs if needed and enjoy using your computer of your favorite activities such as surfing the net, listening music, viewing videos and others.

Take note also the you can download drivers and programs from the manufacturer’s site of your computer and operating system via internet if you don’t have the Installation CD.

To end this, I would like to thank the persons who have shared their ideas and helped me to be able to contribute my tips on how to reformat a computer or laptop using windows xp.