The POP headphone pocket full of sound by Coloud Headphones is a highly durable that’s ideal to bring with you wherever you go. With a direct sound and powerful bass, the Pop eliminates any audio pollution around you, allowing you to focus on your music. The Pop that has an angle ear buds are ergonomically designed to give you a better in-ear fit, and comes with small, medium and large replacement caps so that they always sit securely in your ears. The Pop is also made with a flat cable, the Zound Lasso a solution for a tangle-free life.


The Pop Coloud Headphone is designed with robust and streamlined triangular built to withstand the pressures of daily listening. Its minimal parts and mechanical construction make this headphone super durable, reinforcing them against the pressures of everyday listening.

Besides, this gadget is ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort and wearability. Using a concept of 3D ergonomics is crafted to follow the angles of the human head for a comfortable fit.


The Pop Coloud Headphone is also designed with a functionality of a headset. Since, most music plays this day are also cellphones, they have built a microphone and remote onto the flat cable made from TPE – a feature that is handy in the real world. You can pick up an answer calls with the headphone, as well as forward and rewind your music using the 3 Click Microphone.

1 click: Play/Pause/Answer/Hang Up;  2 click: Next/Forward; 3 click  :P previous/Rewind


The patent-pending Zound Lasso, together with the flat cable, is the solution for a tangle-free life. Its angled design protects against breakage at the connection point when the pliable plug bends 180 degrees to hold your cable in place when are not using your headphone. Just wrap the flat cable around the Zound Lasso and secure it with the pliable angled plug.

Please be reminded that features and specs stated above of the POP headphone is referred to Coloud Headphones by Zound Industries in Sweden. I could say that POP Coloud Headphone is an innovative product made with advance technology. This is gadget is not only a headphone but also built with a functionality of a headset for daily listening and communication. The manufacturer, Zound Industries have chosen to adjust their products to support dominating standard for mobile two-way communication based on the 3.5mm plug. This standard is used by manufacturers such as Balckberry, HTC and Apple.

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Eventually, this gadget will be given away to the readers and subscribers courtesy of Digits Trading Corporation.