We all know that the common cold, a viral infectious disease of the respiratory tract, is one of the human body’s most familiar and regular ailments. Different people have very similar symptoms like coughing, sore throat, runny nose or fever, but many suffer for variable periods of time, from as short as 3 days to as long as 3 weeks or even more, depending on the body’s immune system reacts to the infection.

However, despite advancements in medical technology and improvements in medicine formulation, cure for the common cold remains elusive but definitely, the symptoms can be treated or even prevented.

But did you know that the cold you are having right now may not be because of a viral infection but an allergic reaction? Despite displaying similar symptoms to a virus-based cold like itchy nose, runny nose or cough, the cold you are having right now may be because of allergic reaction to microorganisms such as “dust mites.” These “critters” leave behind waste matter on our bed, pillows, blankets and other beddings, curtains, sofas and other foam-based material, which may be the culprit to our cold.

How do these dust mites bring us the dreaded cold?

Well, it is also part of our own doing. Our own skin, and most especially food bits that drop on our beds or sofas whenever we feel having breakfast in bed or eating while on a DVD marathon, are consumed by dust mites and results to their waste droppings. Not meaning to scare you, but did you know that a 10-year-old mattress contains millions and millions of dust mites?

So how do you contain dust mites? Vacuuming may be a solution but the problem is it only removes surface dust, not dust mites because they have several powerful legs that cling to the fabric. And even if the vacuum removes the dust mites, they will still return and continue to wreak havoc on the household, especially children who have weaker immune systems.

Now, the most effective way to get rid of dust mites is to kill them using “C” ultra-violet light—deadly against dust mites yet less harmful to humans.

Luckily, there is now a UVC-based device that will consistently and effectively kill dust mites—the Raycop UVC Anti-Allergy Cleaner.

The Raycop UVC Anti-Allergy Cleaner can effectively eliminate 99% of bacteria and almost 94% of dust mites, and can also help deactivate the dangerous H1N1 Influenza A virus. This was based on studies conducted by the Tokyo Allergy Research Center and the Japan Food Research Laboratories.

Raycop’s process to eliminate dust mites and even other allergens is via its patented 3-step allergy care system: vibrating, sterilizing and double-filtering. It has a Vibrating Pad that that vibrates a whopping 3,600 times per minute, and shakes particles and dust mites away from mattresses, pillows and other fabrics and linens to make sure that even the most stubborn dust mites are removed.

The UVC Sterilization lamp, meanwhile, kills bacteria to leave surfaces germ-free. Using lamp technology from Philips and Sankyo, it uses a lamp with a highly efficient and effective 253.7 nanometer wavelength, the same germicidal ultraviolet wavelength used in hospitals, clinics and laboratories.

Finally, Raycop uses a cartridge filter that captures the larger particles and traps them so they cannot go back to the room and helps extend the life of the Micro Allergy Filter, which is the one that traps the smaller particles to make sure they do not escape as well.

 So better prepare against colds. Try the Raycop UVC Anti-Allergy Cleaner and help protect your household against dust mites, colds and other respiratory problems.

Raycop is available at Rustan’s Department Stores, S & R, Landmark, Wilcon Builder’s Libis and soon at Abensons. For more information about the Raycop product line and its outstanding features, visit


Running a small or medium-sized business can be challenging: besides the problems faced at the workplace and daily operations, entrepreneurs must also take care of their office premises, vehicles, machinery and other fixed assets. The question, for many SMBs, is how to find solutions that are effective yet also affordable.

“SMBs face many problems similar to those of larger corporations but they don’t have a lot of resources to solve such problems. What Globe Business does is provide SMBs with affordable, reliable, and effective solutions using what’s called ‘M2M’ or machine-to-machine technology.

Globe Business M2M-Fleet Management Service allows business owners to track the location of company vehicles while these are on the move. This lets them know if a company vehicle arrived at its destination on-time. They can also assess the best travel route a company vehicle can take or find an alternative route in cases of heavy traffic or obstructions.

“Essentially, M2M technology allows machines to “talk” to each other and communicate through Globe Business’ M2M Network. This technology has many applications and uses that provide advantages and benefits to SMBs,” said Manny Escosa, Globe Business Small and Medium Business Marketing Head.

There are two main categories of Globe Business M2M Solutions currently available: Globe Business M2M Fixed Assets Management (M2M-FAM) and Globe Business Fleet Management Service (M2M-FMS).

Fixed Assets Management

For the following SMB needs listed below, there’s a corresponding Globe Business M2M Solution that addresses them.

Need: Security and maintenance of remote assets. SMBs that have remote assets like vendo machines and refrigeration units need to regularly assess the status of those machines and conduct maintenance or repair work.

Solution: Use Globe Business M2M Fixed Assets Management (M2M-FAM) to assess the status of remote assets and machines, including ATMs, vendo machines, refrigeration units and the like.

Once M2M-FAM determines that these remote assets are in need of maintenance or repair, it sends an alert to the business owner. The business owner can then send in a team to fix the machine.

There’s no need to physically send personnel to check on each individual machine from time to time, once the machines are already being monitored  through the Globe Business M2M network.

Instead, each machine itself communicates through the M2M network when it needs maintenance or repair. This allows the business owner to send in a repair team at the most appropriate time. This saves the business owner time, effort and money.

Need: Monitor the unauthorized use of computer servers. Unauthorized use of company computers not only adds to the wear and tear on equipment and increase power consumption but, more seriously, compromises confidential company data.

Solution:  Use Globe Business M2M-FAM to monitor track the utilization of company CPUs. Usually, a company would know the usual level of CPU activity in their servers. A higher-than-normal CPU activity may indicate unauthorized use of a company computer and Globe Business M2M-FAM can send an alert to the business owner (or a designated manager or staff) if this happens.

Need: Track and send alert when factory equipment is being used illicitly.  Owners of factories need to ensure that their machinery is used only during designated hours to produce a pre-determined output. Illicit use puts wear and tear on machinery, increases power consumption, and also indicates that factory products are being manufactured illegally.

Solution: Use Globe Business M2M-FAM to alert owner when illicit use of factory machinery is detected. In this way, the factory owner will be able to implement measures to stop the illegal use of equipment and hold those behind it accountable.

Fleet Management Service

Globe Business also offers M2M solutions for an SMB’s vehicles. The Globe Business M2M Fleet Management Service (M2M-FMS) offers several benefits and advantages to a company’s mobile assets. It uses GPS technology along with the Globe Business M2M network to keep track of a company vehicle’s location.

Need: Ensure on-time deliveries of goods. An SMB needs to make sure that its deliveries arrive at the correct destination on schedule. Delays could mean lost business.

Solution: Use Globe Business M2M-FMS to track the location of company vehicles while they are on the move. Using an office computer linked to the Globe Business M2M network, the business owner or a designated manager or staff can determine if a company vehicle arrived at its destination on-time.

Globe Business M2M-FMS can also assess the best travel route a company vehicle can take, based on historic performance for efficiency. Or allow a vehicle to find an alternative route in cases of heavy traffic or obstructions.

Need: Assure the proper refrigeration of perishable goods being delivered. SMBs that transport perishable goods need to maintain a proper temperature inside their delivery vans or trucks to avoid spoilage.

Solution: Keep track of the temperature inside the refrigerated compartments using Globe Business M2M-FMS. Through the M2M network, a business owner will be alerted in case of a malfunction in the temperature control. This quick, real-time alert allows the business owner to tell the driver to stop the vehicle and check the refrigeration compartment—so that a timely response can be made to make repairs.

Need: Alerts in cases of theft, pilferage, or hijacking of company vehicles.  While it is difficult to actually prevent theft, pilferage, or hijacking, a business owner can make a more appropriate and more timely response in such situations if he or she is alerted as soon as possible when these occur.

Solution: Use Globe Business M2M-FMS to assess and co-relate vehicle performance and driver behavior based on vehicle status, speed, etc. By analyzing these factors, business owners can be alerted to a suspicious situation.

For example, Globe Business M2M-FMS can track if a company vehicle is moving too slow, has made an unauthorized stop, or has deviated from its predetermined route.

In cases where there is unauthorized opening of a vehicle’s cargo hold, or if an accident occurs, Globe Business M2M-FMS can trigger and broadcast a security alert to the owner. The owner can then inform authorities to respond.

Security and surveillance

Globe Business M2M Solutions also have applications related to security and surveillance. Globe Business M2M Security and Surveillance enhances a company’s existing security system.

It can assist company/user to determine thru the M2M alerts if there are attempts to tamper, sabotage or steal acompany’s fixed assets. M2M security and surveillance devices use accessories such as motion and door sensors, panic buttons this may also be linked to Globe Business M2M Managed Services.

The Globe Business M2M Security and Surveillance system serves as a deterrent: the security devices are always ready to activate alarms and trigger an emergency response.

In summary: Globe Business’ M2M Solutions optimize the functionality and productivity of a company’s machines/assets. They make business operations less costly yet more efficient. They also provide greater security and control over a company’s mobile and fixed assets.

Globe Business M2M Solutions are ideal for a wide range of businesses—including the food and/or service industries (restaurants, resorts, hotels, etc.); financial enterprises (banks, pawnshops, etc.); manufacturing, distribution; practically any business that benefits from machine-to-machine networking and pro-active security.

“Small and medium businesses (SMBs) can use Globe Business M2M Solutions to fit their needs, especially in the maintenance, security, and increased productivity of their fixed (computers, machinery), remote (vendo machines, on-site refrigerators, ATMs) or mobile (delivery trucks and company vehicles) assets. Business owners can use Globe Business M2M Solutions conveniently right from their office or business headquarters.

“Globe Business M2M Solutions can be used in a variety of applications to fit the needs of every type of business—especially small and medium businesses (SMBs) that are seeking quality and reliability at a more affordable cost. SMB owners are welcome to come to us and discuss how we could customize a package of solutions to meet their needs,” said Escosa.

Experience the benefits of having customized solutions to support your business. Consult a Globe Business Account Manager, visit Globe stores, call the Globe Business Hotline at +632 730-1010 or log on to  today to find out more.

Globe Business is the corporate arm of Globe Telecom, the leading mobile telecommunications company in the Philippines. Globe Business provides wireless and wireline solutions for a diverse set of industries, businesses, and commercial enterprises. It assures SMEs of affordable, reliable, and dependable services for all communication needs, both wireless and wireline solutions, to generate the highest possible profit at the lowest possible cost.