Yesterday, I was able to apply and received my student driver’s permit in Land Transportation Office (LTO) – Laoag District Office for about 30 minutes following the requirements and procedures provided by the government agency.

It is a requirement to wear a shirt with collar for male applicant and to submit a photocopy of birth certificate for authentication.

This is to share  this day the  steps I experienced in the application of my student driver’s permit with details as follows:

Within the LTO office, the first thing I did is to accomplished and submit Application Form for Driver’s License (ADL) and supporting documents (photocopy of my nso birth certificate) at Customer Service Representative (CSR) for authentication of data. You can get the ADL from the CSR. After that, the representative gave me a number and advised me to wait my name to be called by a representative in every office or area of the 4 steps provided by the LTO.

Secondly, a representative called my name to proceed at photo taking / signature area to have my picture and digital signature taken at Window 3.

Thirdly,  after my name was called, I proceed to cashier at window 4 to pay the corresponding fees: (a) Application Fee – Php100.00, (b) Student Permit Fee – Php150.00 and (c) Computer Fee – Php67.63 for a total amount of Php317.63.

Lastly, I waited for a few minutes for my name to be called by a representative at window 5 to claim Official Receipt (OR) and my card type driver’s license.

Moreover, I have also paid a miscellaneous fee of Php30.00 for a license case or holder     with  the representative at window 3 of the LTO – Laoag District Office.