Are You a Great CEO? These Small Mistakes Say Otherwise

Everybody thinks they are a good CEO. The truth is that there a lot of little mistakes that you might be making that are undermining your credibility. Do any of these sound familiar?

#1 Jumping Into a Leadership Position Without Learning the Field

There is a certain respect that comes from working your way up within your chosen field. For example, when you look at Morgan Chu on (Morgan Chu is one of the country’s most successful intellectual property lawyers), you’ll see that he’s worked his way up from the dregs of the legal profession to get to where he is now. People are more likely to trust him because of this because they know that he knows the ins and outs of the profession. If you just jump into your position without first doing the leg work (or putting in your research time) your subordinates will never trust your leadership.

#2 Trying to Cover Up That You’re Learning As You Go

Being a CEO takes time to perfect. Everybody understands this. There are going to be some bumps as you get used to your new role and title. Be open about this. Ask for people’s input and feedback about the job you’re doing. If you try to cover up the fact that you’re learning or try to pretend that everything you do is the best and only way to do it, no matter what, your employees and support staff won’t feel comfortable coming to you (in fact they may willingly look the other way) if you start to make major mistakes. You don’t want your pride to run the company into the ground, do you?

#3 You Act (and Take Credit) as a Solo Player

A good CEO never forgets that she is part of a team. Yes, she might be that team’s leader but she is not the only person working hard and trying to advance the company. By acting as if you are the only person who cares, who works, etc you are putting up barriers between you and your team. By giving credit where credit is due you prove that not only do you value the members of your team but that you appreciate them, their input and the work they do to make you and your company look good.

#4 Failure to Accept Responsibility

As the CEO everything that happens within your company is your fault. This is true both of successes (which you are undoubtedly taking credit for) and of failures (which you are trying to pass off as someone else’s doing/problem/fault). If you’re going to take ownership of the good you need to suck it up and take ownership of the bad as well. Pointing fingers and punishing others for your mistakes is something that toddlers do, not CEOs.

There are all sorts of things that go into the making of a good CEO. Avoiding these mistakes are just four of them!