Urbanears Slussen Petrol Adapter for your iPhone or other iOS device

Urbanears Slussen Petrol adapter is a first of its kind from Urbanears.  Slussen is considered as the most powerful after-party weapon known to man and it is the combination of pocket-sized hardware and free software that allows you to take the party or event with you, wherever you go.

Beside, to unleash Slussen, plug the adapter into your iPhone®, iPod® or other iOS device. Connect your headphones and sound system into the adapter via the two 3.5mm jacks. Launch the app, and discover the features of it.

In addition, plug your speaker into the speaker jack on the Slussen adapter. Plug your headphone into the headphone jack on the Slussen adapter. Slussen is designed to hang on your keychain, ready for action at all times.

Other Functionalities

Slussen contains all the functionalities you need for a killer set whether you’re crashing an after-party or simply relaxing in the park. Aside from the life-saving pre-listing feature, here are just a few other things you can do with Slussen:

Urbanears Slussen Petrol is available at Digits Trading Corporation.