Issues regarding on how the government agencies applied mining penalties and violations to companies who affect the environment

Just recently read through online about the issues on how the government agencies (DOLE, DOE, DENR and the provincial government) applied mining penalties and violations to companies who affect the environment. In the online publication that I have read, the author want to speak up on the fairness and consistency on mining and environment violation and penalties applied to companies.

In my opinion, the implementation of violations and penalties are technical issues but the government should be fair in implementing about it. Same are the mining companies should also be aware about environmental advocacy and not only on business point of view.

The government agencies and mining companies should be responsible to the regulations and policies with regards to environmental and mining issues. Fairness and transparency on the application of penalties and violations to mining companies be implemented despite of some technical point of view and issues. Both parties should be united solving this issue for the benefit of the both parties, workers, people and the environment.

The following are the links about the issues on how the government agencies applied mining penalties and violations to mining companies:


  • shunsuke nakamura

    I’d like to get off Gina’s petition. I’m sorry I signed it.

  • Kanor Mariano

    Raise your hand if you’d like to get off Gina Lopez’s petition.

  • drexler

    Shame on you, Gina Lopez.

  • nicolai

    Lopez Group + ABS-CBN + Gina Lopez. A recipie for negligence, cover up, and a tree hugger to look the other way.

  • camille

    If both the Philex accident and the EDC disaster were caused by heavy rain, why is Gina’s reactions to the two so different?

  • mark anthony

    Did she release no statement at all about the EDC disaster? So much for environmental ideals.

  • peter

    Bantay Kalikasan, yun pala, Patay Kalikasa

  • Gina (NOT Lopez)

    OMG Check this out!

    In a nutshell, it says that the ABS-CBN Foundation (WHICH GINA LOPEZ RUNS) “appropriated the La Mesa Ecopark operations as its own, denying the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) its share in a 2001 concession signed between both and the local government of Quezon City.” So there you have it. Turning a blind eye to the EDC disaster was an indicator of even blacker deeds. Now she’s using an Ecopark to rip off the government. Since when did environmentalism get so dirty?

  • Ryeco Choi

    Really? Stealing ECOPARK monies? Now that’s committed environmentalism!

  • Brett Revellame

    This has cast a terrible shadow over Gina’s no mining initiative.

  • michael

    Guess this charitable foundation isn’t so charitable with ecopark funds. lol

  • shunsuke nakamura

    Is Gina Lopez pro nature and an environmentalist? How come she’s only after the mining business and and not concern of the welfare of others i.e the poor?

  • Bret Michaels Revellame

    Gina Lopez is critical to other environment issues. Why is she silent now?