You may regain control of your debts if you were tired of being in debt

Nowadays people are struggling to make ends meet. They can’t get a line of credit even if their score is in the 600s. Ultimately, the debt collection agencies, bankers and creditors have become quite a nuisance for people who just want to live comfortably. When you receive negative marks on your credit report, it can be devastating for all aspects of your life. You may not be able to get insurance, cable tv, car loan, low mortgage rate or even student loans to help go to school. Creditors often don’t care about this process. They don’t look at people on a personal level and realize how negative information can inflict a deep wound.

That’s why over 79% of Americans have something erroneous on their credit report. Whether it’s a falsely reported missed payment, a wrongful charge or even a stolen account, there are many ways that creditors screw up people’s credit accidentally. However, you don’t have to be in the backseat. Credit bureaus have made it easier for you to dispute any incorrect information in your credit report. They have to investigate any dispute claims that you make and give you the final judgment within 30 days of the initial request. This has helped so many people regain control over their debts.

Lexington Law has been at the forefront of this fight. They have worked with thousands of American consumers who woke up one day and were tired of being in debt. They were able to get rid of a portion of their debts and even bring up their credit score in a matter of three months.