A Clean and Green Environment: Proper Waste Management

The practice of segregating waste for biodegradable or non-biodegradable, wet waste or dry waste and re-usable or recyclable by the households, schools, private and public offices, eating places, malls, institutions  and other organizations in the community is necessary for environmental concerns and economic point of view.

With this, the people involved in this campaign need a great selection of recycling  bins for the implementation of sorting waste in their respective locations.  In fact, the government is encouraging the people regarding this matter and had been implemented in the collection and segregation of waste to the entire city.

In fact, proper management of waste is also important for ecological and health concerns in the environment. The segregation of waste that starts in household can really help reduce waste in the advocacy campaign of a green environment. Hence, the recyclable and reusable waste collected can be sold to the buyers of scraps which I used to do during my childhood days. Even the personnel of the companies are practicing proper disposal of waste. With this, it could also create jobs for scrapers related to economic concerns.

During my high school days, I had been assigned and participated in the campaign of proper waste management in our school. Planning, strategy, teamwork and cooperation of each members and students in the school are factors to be considered in the successful implementation of the advocacy campaign. Of course, we need a great selection of recycling  bins for segregation of waste in every designated area in the school building. Information, policies and regulations are informed among the students as a whole with regards to the issue for a clean and green environment campaign.

Every individual in the community can help in the clean and green environment by practicing in the proper segregation of waste which is probably starts in households. For the local government, strict policies regulations and programs should be implemented in their respective locality.