A dads voice

Us ladies are well known for being a bit chatty, we like to have our say and yes, so what if I only just left my friend 10 minutes ago after spending all day with her, if I forgot to tell her something I will call her on the phone and chat for an hour. There is nothing wrong with that. There was at one time another place us ladies could go to have our voices heard, and that was the blogosphere. However, Man has starting to encroach on our territory and the lesser known phrase ‘dad blog’ is a term being used by more and more people. But what do they have to offer that we do not… well, simply put, an awful lot.

Before we start complaining that dads are taking over our domain, we must first do our research. I did and was pleasantly surprised. It appears dad blogs have been round for quite a while, longer than you might think although it does feel like a brand new concept. Actually, if I am completely honest, some of the dad blogs have been around longer than mine, so maybe it is me encroaching on their space? Anyway, no need to split hairs..…*cough, clears throat, continues*

Dad blogs are funny, heart-warming and interesting. They cover topics not necessarily touched by mum blogs such as gadgets and outdoor pursuits. They also talk about their family life the same way us mums do and you know, sometimes it is nice to get a male perspective on things.

Let me start off with laidoffdad.typepad.com and I must first point out that this blog recently turned 10, yes, 10 years old, that is an amazing feat of perseverance for the writer of any blog, that’s 10 years of trying to come up with posts that others may find interesting, but then it is 10 years of doing something you love, and you must love doing it otherwise you would never have lasted 10 years right? Who else can say they have spent the last 10 years doing something they really enjoy? Not many of us I am sure, but laidoffdad has done. Anyway, back to his blog. The posts are a mixture of family stuff, personal musings and current affairs topics. The blogs are well written and it is easy to see why it has managed to stay around so long.

Joggingdad.com confesses immediately that he runs to escape a little of the responsibility of childcare. He also notes that his running increased with the birth of his second child, a trend that did not go unnoticed by what I can only assume is his long suffering wife. Joggingdad.com is an amusing blog that seems to have a few regular followers, so if you want a light hearted read, why not join them and subscribe.

http://www.theoutdoorsdad.com is just that. A blog about a father who wishes to have his children enjoy all nature activities just like he did as a child. It is new on the blog scene, but it is set to be a really great blog once it gets going. Its premise is simple, and the posts are enjoyable read.