The value of a dad blog

As the writer of a mum blog I want to say that dad blogs are not as important as ours.  As this ran the risk of getting the (male) readers up in arms I thought better of it.  It is fair to say that there are many blogs on the internet which have very little value.  There are plenty of people who start a blog and then never get around to updating it regularly and you will come across these as you look for both dad and mum blogs online.  Look a little deeper and you will find that there are plenty of dad blogs out there that have something useful to add and a bit of reading means that you will find blogs that you want to return to time and time again.

A touch of humour is always something that we need in our lives and this is one blog that can certainly fulfil that criteria.  Laugh along with the writer’s attempts to carry out DIY in his own home and juggle his family life at the same time.  While his DIY ‘hobby’ is presented as something of an issue, you will get the impression that he really enjoys it.  His family may be a little exasperated at times but there are plenty of stories for him to share and you will definitely come back to this one.

Getting the kids out and about is very difficult in the day and age of the computer game, but the summer break is a good chance to keep them active.  This particular dad blog talks about camping, hiking and taking a variety of trips with the family.  Great for ideas and how to tackle different problems that may come up while you are out and about, this one is definitely worth a bookmark.

Every parent is busy but there are times when the outside world seems to forget it (I speak from experience!).   This dad has been blogging for a number of years about raising his kids and one of my favourite posts is how he helped his son become an entrepreneur for the day.  The kids all had to set up a small business on a stall at school and they developed ‘candy’ accessories.  The idea took off and everything sold quickly.  It made me wish that more schools did this – encouraging this type of creativity can only be a good thing and I’m going to be writing about this subject on my mum blog in the near future.

Dads and mums face the same challenges.  Kids are not the easy option in life and they require time and effort.   It does not matter if it is a mum or dad blog that you are reading, this is something that should become apparent very quickly.  Dads just have a different perspective to mums.  I think dad blogs should be required reading for all mums and that mum blogs should be read by dads – to even things out a little.