Banking on the rising popularity of Korean entertainment in the country, No Limits Foods Inc., led by its president, George Nocum Pua opened Kpub the first Korean themed restaurant bar at The Fort Bonifacio city  which feature korean pop music and videos….Meat all you can, Korean BBQ   and The first Heineken bar in the philippines .

Meat all you can promo offers the 499 package with a one hour limit as soon as meats are served and the No Limits P899 package which serves additional premium meats and entrees. Both package come with limitless soup, salad and side dishes.

Juan Gabriel Sison, Kate of Warner Music, Yeon Suk No (CEO of Pepsi), Congresmman Lino Cayetano, Vice Mayor Cruz, Herbert Sy, George Puia, Lani Cayatenao, Marc Chuakaw, Hubby Hernandez and Javier Reyes

And at the Heineken Bar is another first … the kegulator.. a modern day barrel of beer which dispenses over 20 glasses of cold premium beer served at your table.

George Pua’s speech during opening of Kpub

With its’s inviting LED wall exterior, spacious 450 plus seating capacity, giant video wall, kpop clad waiters, delectable dishes, cocktails, music and a slogan that says “Taste Your Life”.. Kpub is truly the perfect events venue for parties, launches and gatherings.

Ms. Ida Henares, Mayor Lani Cayetano and George Pua

To further offer diners as a variety of flavours to experience, No Limits Food Inc., also launched last June 3, 2013…Modern Sichuan – Szechuan Speciality restaurant, Tony Romas the leading American prime ribs, steak and seafood family restaurant and YummySoy, Singapore’s refreshing soy treats.

Ms. Ida Henares, Garrie Conception, George Pua, Iza Calzado, Rhian Ramos and Ronnie Henares (during opening of Kpub last June 3, 2013)

Pepsi Cola is the drink of choice for all these establishments.