Experience smooth shaving with Schick razor products

During an event, I received Schick razors products as follows: Schick Shave Guard, Schick Exacta 2 Disposable and Schick Quatro 4 Titanium.

Schick is all about being fresh and cool!
Schick Shave Guard; Schick Exacta 2 Disposable; Schick Quatro 4 Titanium

As of this day, I just only used the Schick Exacta 2 Disposable razor in shaving and I am satisfied about it. Its economic design handle is for easy hold and no slip rubber grip to provide super control and maneuverability.

Schick Quatro 4 Titanium

After using the Schick Exacta 2 Disposable, I feel relaxed and my mind and body are at ease. I experienced smooth shaving, less irritation and lesser strokes.

Schick Exacta 2 Disposable
Schick Exacta 2 Disposable

Schick is manufacturing products not just for removing hair but also concerned in skincare experience for men and women.