A joyful vacation with my parents this season

I am joyful this season because I will be spending my vacation with my parents in my hometown, Laoag City (Sunshine City), ilocos norte until the end of this year 2013 and to welcome the year 2014.

Spending with my parents this season is one of my memorable happenings in my life this year. My younger brother is residing and working with his wife in abroad and my sister is also working overseas. Besides, I am also working in Metro Manila but seldom to travel in my hometown this year.  It has been two years that we’re not complete spending the joyfulness of this season.

But still joyful to have a communications with each others despite of the miles apart between us. Hope that every one us will be joyful spending this season with our families despite of the differences in biological and financial family backgrounds. The most important is that we can show them our love in any means that comes from the heart.