Pinakbet Pizza in Herencia Restaurant (The Birthplace of Pinakbet Pizza)

Just visited this day the place where the Pinakbet Pizza originated at Herencia Restaurant, Mc. Arthur St., Brgy. 14, Sangladan, Paoay, Ilocos Norte.

Herencia Restaurant (The Birthplace of Pinakbet Pizza)

Herencia Restaurant is just beside of the Paoay Church considered as a world heritage. The restaurant is owned by Herencia Cafe & Souvenir Shop Co.  which also selling souvenirs to its visitors from other places taking a vacation of nearby cities, municipalities and other regions in the country and as well as from other countries.

The main purpose of visiting the place is to experience  the flavor of Pinakbet Pizza with toppings and ingredients of tomatoes, string beans, bitter melon (ampalaya) and others.


For me, I like the taste of the Pinakbet Pizza. With its ingredients, it resulted a balanced of tasting of the delicious Pibakbet Pizza.