Wart Treatment through Electrodissection

Last month, during my vacation in my hometown, my auntie accompanied and referred to me a doctor for the treatment of the wart occurred in my left arm.

The doctor’s diagnose during the check-up is an infected wart which is true because it has not been treated for a several months.

With this, the doctor decided to remove the wart through Electrodissection. In the process, the medical practitioner use a needle to insert a local anesthetic to the area of wart to be treated.  The application is important to lessen any sensations of pain during the procedure because the doctor will use a probe that will send electrical current into the wart to cause the blood vessels feeding the core of the wart to die.

In fact, the war treatment is short and done successfully for an outpatient basis. The doctor advised me to apply ice in the area of treated wart for about 15 to 30 minutes or 1 hour 3 times a day to prevent skin swelling which was done in our home.

Besides, he also advised me to apply a liquid from the battery of a car in the affected area of the wart after my bath in the morning for three days. As recommended, I used soap and water to clean the area of the treated wart.

It was a successful wart treatment, in deed.