I Cabinetry Direct

Have you heard about the icabinetrydirect.com in the real estate industry? Well, it is important to know its vision in creating the best buying experience and new way of making known to the marketplace about cabinetry.

Besides, adopting the state of the art technology, and good old-fashioned values with high quality cabinetry and world class customer service are essential to the success of a business.

Finally, providing high quality products, flexibility of designs and finish options should be establish in a certain company. It is important to know that kitchen is the heart of the home which is necessary to choose a design of carpentry to make the place to be inviting, accessible, and convenient.

Risks of E-Commerce and its Controls in Business Environment

I have read lately through a soft copy of a book about the risks of E-Commerce and its controls in business environment as follows:

1. Increases the risk of improper use of information. Controls might include data encryption to prevent electronic eavesdropping.

2. There’s also the risk of improper distribution of transactions with information being electronically transmitted to an inappropriate company. Controls might include routing verification procedures and message acknowledgement procedures.

The reduction in the paper audit trail associated with EDI creates special challenges to the auditor. Detection risk may not be sufficiently reduced through substantive testing and control risk must be reduced adequately to achieve an acceptable level of audit risk.

Controls must be built into the system to insure the validity of information captured.