Grommet Valances for Modern Homes

Decorating the window with a grommet valance is becoming popular today. Most homeowners love this window treatment because it is a practical option and inexpensive. Aside from giving curb appeal to your window, grommets are user friendly. What you need to do is insert the rod into the eyelets and presto your window is now beautifully adorned with grommet valances.

The colors are not limited to primary colors because manufacturers have concocted their color combination to come up with exquisite coverings for windows. Shoppers are talking about spice, mocha, sage and chocolate. They are not flavoring for coffee or ice cream but they are the most talked about colors for valances that are ideal for condo living, flats and home office. Urban dwellers are crazy over grommet valances because of its versatility and modernity.

Taupe, linen and onyx are perfect for your teens’ room because they exude maturity and intelligence. The valances are added attraction to your room while letting in the Eastern or Western light to bring positive energy to the house. The grommets are designed for busy people who do not have much time mounting heavy drapes for their windows. The valances are light to carry and fold so you don’t need to call your daughter to assist you.

When it is time to change the grommet valances, removing them is done in three to five minutes because the ring for the eyelet are big enough to allow the rod to go inside. Adjusting the fold is easy too. Each valance is available in pairs or in separates. If you are on a budget, you can buy affordable grommet valance at $11.99 which means home decorating should not be expensive at all. Black, navy and red can make your contemporary designed home elegant. There are myriads of color available to create your home or office into a cozy place to unwind.