Assisted Living Software from Eldermark

Have you heard about the company providing the best technology to senior living facilities?

I hope that the assisted living software from eldermark will take a better approach to senior technology with regards to healthcare technology and translate that into the best products for their customers.

Beyond software,  they also provide consulting, health IT services, hosting and world-class support. Their other services include services model design and data management services, strategic operational review, labor cost analysis against service revenue, service utilization and services trending and identification of new enhanced service opportunities.

Goya Cookies & Cream Chocolate

Have you ever experience  feeling sleepy during siesta time in your work place but you can’t afford it because you have to be active and finish your work?

With this, you need some food to eat or water to drink or activities to make your body awake to be focus and finish your work assignment on that day.


100APPLE_IMG_0730Eat Goya Cookies & Cream chocolate to energize your body during siesta time to be active and focus in doing your work during that time.

For me, I used to eat chocolate or sweets and drink water others to make myself awake, refresh and active during siesta time.