Beats Studio Headphone

Listen the music you love with Beats by Dre while traveling going to your workplace and other places related to your daily activities. A redesigned and reimagined new studio.



The Beat Studio is a light and comfortable over-the-ear headphone made of aluminum which resists vibrations that the Beats emit and it becomes the foundation for durability.


Besides, the body is covered with black anonized finish for simple elegance that the Beats express and employs driver technology that helps you control frequency response of studio monitor for more accurate playback. 

It also features a dual input – output cable ports on each side, allowing you to plug the cable into any side of the Beats.


beats5Beats Studio headphone is available at Lamido.

Speak Life, Speak Hope, Speak Love

Have you experience when you feel like you are in the darkest night and feel like the sun won’t shine and don’t know why?

Or have you experience hearing from you friends or family members or relatives that one or two of the members ¬†have illnesses and diseases that the doctor’s opinion could still be cure or not any anymore?

My father is currently taking medicines for health maintenance because of his hypertension (heredity). The good thing about him is that he has no vices (drinking or smoking) but sometimes he still eating food that is bad to his health (he’s not a perfect person). And my mother was successfully cured of a tumor in her breast about three years ago and after that she has experienced not good to his body that the doctor’s opinion should be operated but she was afraid of it and she choose to take medicines instead. She is also currently taking fruits, vegetables and herbal medicines that could prevent viruses of one’s body.

At the age of fifty (50) plus, my parents are still working and managing their small time eating place business in our hometown for our daily needs. I am currently working in Metro Manila while my brother and his family are working and living in abroad and my sister and her husband are also working overseas but she finished her contract because she will labor her baby in Metro Manila.

We communicate each other through social media and other communication devices. Of course, I really miss them everyday and hoping to communicate with them personally. My parents and my siblings still helping me when I need a support from them in terms of financial and other matters. Supporting and helping each others.

Weeks ago, I was informed that our grandmother was confined in the hospital and was not able to visit her only my parents and her siblings living in our hometown. Hope that could still cure through medicines and not through operation because she’s already old.

I have a mentor in our workplace who is also experiencing illnesses. She’s my mentor since then I have started working in their companies in November 2002 up to date.

In every situation of good, bad, right or wrong that even sometimes we could not explain there’s always God who gives us the strength, grace and mercies and even can do miracle and greater things.

What if our tears, pains and disappointments are His blessings in disguise?

Even though it’s crazy, we can turn of every heart’s person inspiring them with the words we say and the words from our lips as a symbol or foundation or our arms of compassion. Persons who keep worth fighting for.

So, in every situation, Speak Life, Speak Hope, Speak Love.