Asian Brand advocate Joseph Baladi reveals brutal truths at 47TH National Marketing Conference

The Philippine Marketing Association and Bloomberg Cignal TV Philippines present HELLO ASEAN, the 47th National Marketing Conference on July  28-29, 2016 at the Marriott Grand Ballroom in Newport City.  HELLO ASEAN provides a comprehensive view of this diverse region and how companies WITHIN the region can strategically position their products in the consciousness of the ASEAN consumer.

The ASEAN consumer market of 620 million people is bigger than that of the European Union at 500 million and North America at 350 million.   Consumer expenditure in the region is expected to grow by 105% between 2015-2030. By 2030, the ASEAN consumer market will be $3.1 trillion at 2014 prices.

Foremost among the questions to be tackled in HELLO ASEAN is “How to Develop Asian Brandsthat ASEAN consumers will patronize”.

Joseph Baladi

Branding expert Joseph Baladi shares thought provoking insights on “Asian Brands and How They Can Change the World”. Baladi, author of the best-selling “The Brutal Truth About Asian Branding”, has provided brand-building advice to leading global companies including Procter & Gamble, Mars, and Coca-Cola. Presently based in Asia, he is considered a leading voice for and an advocate of emerging great Asian brands.

In his much-awaited session, Baladi will reveal how Asian brand owners can implement change management practices in order to create brand-centric companies.  Baladi’s clear and prescriptive roadmap for Asian CEOs and CMOs on transforming their brands from just ‘good’ to ‘great’ will certainly be useful. In his bestselling book he prophetically states that “the near future will be characterized by major change and will be championed by exceptional Asian leaders who are willing to experiment and challenge the conventional. These first of many will lead by example and demonstrate, through the success of their own companies, the kind of heights Asian brands are capable of reaching.”

In his talk Baladi will also examine five key elements that somehow impede the growth of Asian brands from “good” to “great” brands.  He observes that Asian consumers of all ages seemingly prefer Western Brands over their Asian counterparts that are of equal quality and benefits. Baladi will show how Made in Asia products can evolve from weak to strong, from despised to desired with the proper marketing mix.

Accompanying the conference is an ASEAN PAVILION where embassies and trade attaches from the different AEC members will provide information and assistance for those seeking business opportunities in their countries.

hello asean

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