Why Attend the HELLO ASEAN?

HELLO ASSEAN is the 47th National Marketing Conference on July 28-29, 2016 at the Marriott Hotel Grand Ballroom, New Port City in partnership with the The Philippine Marketing Association and Bloomberg Cignal TV Philippines.

The conference brings CEOs/CMOs of successful companies whose brands have made significant impact among ASEAN consumers.

hello asean

Great speakers of successful companies will share their stories: lessons, strategies, challenges and ultimately their achievements, so that companies geared for overseas expansion can learn from their journeys.

Be part of the one event that brings it all together:

  • a conference that presents top-tier business, marketing and technology experts
  • an ASEAN Pavilion and trade expo that facilitates networking and business meet-ups
  • an industry exhibit that promotes B2B and consumer trading

To avail of the early bird rate, register now with the Philippine Marketing Association secretariat at (+632)638-7700; (+632)634-5722 or email helloasean@philippinemarketing.net.ph.