Gardenia Bakeries Philippines Inc.

Gardenia Bakeries (Philippines) Inc. is a multi-national bread manufacturing company that it all began in 1997 through Gardenia International Pte. Ltd. in Binan, Laguna.

Gardenia’s core business revolves around fresh bread. It is a multi-national company with operations particularly in Singapore, Malaysia, and China.

Gardenia Bakeries Philippines Inc. started its operation in 1998 with the state-of-art read factory rated as one of the most modern large scale bread manufacturing facility in the country. Its highly-automated and major equipment come from the best bakery equipment suppliers from Germany, Japan, Holland, UK and USA making its plant the most technologically advanced baking facility in the country.

Gardenia, being a consumer-focused and branded Food company, is singularly driven and aligned behind delivering  superior consumer value through providing consumers with superior brands.

Besides, Gardenia breads are known for its good taste, freshness, freshly baked aroma, softness and nutritive value. The popular Classic White Bread is cholesterol- and bromate- free, vitamin and mineral fortified, has zero trans-fat, complying with Department of Health (DOH) recommendations. Its product slogan “So good… you can even eat it in its own” best describes the quality product attributes.

Moreover, Gardenia Bakeries Philippines Inc. pioneered a unique distribution system, ensuring that only fresh breads reach consumers every day. It strictly follows its international policy of keeping only fresh stocks on the store shelves. Replacing unsold breads in store shelves with only freshly baked top-quality products during each day of delivery, is a Gardenia practice no one match.

Gardenia Philippines great-tasting bakery products include the Enriched Classic White Bread, High Fiber Whole Wheat Bread, High Fiber Wheat Raisin Loaf, High Fiber Wheat Cranberry Loaf, Slim ‘N Fit Wheaten Bread and flavored loaves like California Raisin Loaf, Chocolate Chip Loaf, Double Delights Loaf (Ube & Cheese, Choco-Mocha, and the latest Strawberry & Blueberry), and the Amazing Black Forest and Butterscotch loaves.

In fact, Gardenia Bakeries Philippines Inc. has been awarded with International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001: 2000 certifications from 2003 to 2009 and has now upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 in compliance with Quality Management System and certification for product quality excellence. This assures that consumers only get the highest quality products in the market. Moreover, Gardenia is HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certified since 2003 to present- a proof of the company’s adherence to the systematic approach in the identification, evaluation, and control of food safety standards.

Indeed, patience and hard work are the key elements to Gardenia’s success.