Danica Sotto-Pingris will always “rice” to the occasion

There’s no doubt that actress and celebrity Mom Danica Sotto-Pingris will always put family as her number one priority in all her endeavours, even when it comes to products she endorses.

This explains why the moment she got the call regarding a possible chance to endorse Mrs. Lam’s Rice brand – a distributor of locally produced and imported rice varieties, she became ecstatic;  not  just for herself,  but for her loved ones as well.

Danica states that it is in fact her first time to endorse a rice brand and is quite knowledgeable about Mrs. Lam’s rice.  Being chosen to be in the very first ambassador for the said product, she is thrilled for she knows her family will benefit from the project since her family loves to eat rice. In addition, Danica also loves to cook; she says she can incorporate the rice brand into numerous recipes and dishes. “You can never go wrong with Mrs. Lam’s wide variety of rice. You can come up with many dishes like fried rice, baked rice, paella, arrozcaldo, sushi and many other gourmet dishes. With her glutinous rice you can make sticky rice with mangoes, champorado and many other desserts”, says Danica. Who has obtained a diploma in Culinary Arts and Technology Management from the center for Culinary Arts.

Danica Sotto with the owner and Mrs Lam herself, Evelyn Lam.
Danica Sotto with the owner and Mrs Lam herself, Evelyn Lam.

And pass-on knowledge became just as valuable for the other members of the Pingris household when Danica married a promising athlete and star basketball player, Marc Pingris. All knowledge and experiences she was able to acquire, she is now able to share to her house help and even her children.

When it comes to rice quality, Danica admits that she is indeed quite picky and meticulous since her situation is different now that she is a mom. For her, quality is of utmost importance. She also takes into consideration how choosing the right variety of rice for the family will benefit other moms. Her primary questions involve taste, freshness, cleanliness, consistency, quality, weight and value for money. Her preference for Mrs. Lam’s rice revolves around the fact that the brand offers freshly milled local variety rice. Since the rice is immediately delivered to the outlets 2 -5 days from the milling day, Mrs. Lam’s rice comes in a vast array of varieties, with a rice type suitable for any budget, depending on  the family’s needs whether it’s a budget lunch or a special gourmet dinner, Mrs. Lam has the for you. The most important thing, Danica says, is that moms can choose the best tasting freshly – milled rice using state-of-the-art laser sorters and mist polishers at par with international standards.

Danica Sotto wearing her culinary uniform with Mrs. Lam Rice
Danica Sotto wearing her culinary uniform with Mrs. Lam Rice

She is quite happy that Mrs. Lam’s Rice is available at leading supermarkets not only as prepacked 2, 5, 10, 25 and 50kg but also sold on a per kg basis similar to that in the wet markets.  Initially she was surprised when she discovered Mrs Lam’s rice have many varieties; locally milled rice from the fragrant Dinorado Special, Whole Grain Sinandomeng, Long Grain, Sinandomeng Special, Sinandomeng , Laon (old crop),  Organic Red, Organic Brown rice to the imported ones like Japanese and Thai Jasmine. Even the packaging was appetizing to look at. For everyday use, Danica suggests the fragrant Dinorado Speccial or Sinandomeng Rice; for special occasions or events with visitors that you want to impress, go for the Thai Jasmine rice or the short grain Japanese variety rice.

“At home, the favorite is fried rice, for my friends, their favorites are the paella and risotto. You can still make risotto even if you don’t use the Arborio type or any rice suitable for risotto using our local rice sinandomeng or Japanese variety short grain rice. It’s more on the technique and style of cooking,” Danica avers just like a professional chef giving tips to home cooks.

Danica is also quite impressed that Mrs. Lam Rice is available not just in many varieties but in varying weights as well, again depending on a specific family type’s needs. For a small family of four or for newly married couples, perhaps they can get the 5-10 kilo pack. Whereas for bigger families, the 25-50-kilo bags will better suit them. “That way, you don’t get the pressure or fear of rice being stocked too long.

Danica Sotto in her work-out attire with the healthy variety of rice of Mrs. Lam Rice
Danica Sotto in her work-out attire with the healthy variety of rice of Mrs. Lam Rice

Since Mrs. Lam’s rice is freshly milled, you can keep for 1-2 months provided it is stored in a cool dry place with proper ventilation. It should also be noted that the rice bins or containers have to be properly emptied, cleaned and dried after each replenishment to avoid weevil growth. You can really plan or measure your rice consumption correctly by buying the rice bag that fits the family’s eating habits. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure it all out,” says Danica, who was also in the middle of an exciting photo shoot for the brand.

So now, being an endorser of a growing rice brand, Danica believes she made the right choice not just for herself and her family but more importantly, for the other Moms or would-be Moms out there and their families who will benefit from choosing the right type of rice brand. “For me, it’s Mrs. Lam Rice and for choosing Mrs. Lam Rice, Moms like me can now ‘rice’ to the occasion, so to speak,” she said with a slight chuckle.

Mrs. Lam’s Rice is distributed in the Philippines by ECT Enterprises based in Malaking Ambling, Magdalena, Laguna and is available in most major supermarkets and groceries. For details, call 0922-8388365 or email ectent@yahoo.com.

Matstone: Designed for the perfect juice and more

As we advance in age, our bodies’ defense mechanism weakens. Most cannot afford to exercise anymore or go on a diet for several reasons, which explains why we are always sickly that even common ailments can quickly hit us.

Therefore, we feel gloomy and depressed whenever a loved one who’s in his or her twilight years suddenly becomes unwell and ailing. However, there are emerging measures to help prevent ailments from hitting you or if you do get sick, can help you recover in a fast and healthy way.

One of these is “slow juicing,” a process of extracting juices of its vital nutrients that are needed to strengthen our bodies, help improve our immunity, for the sick to recuperate quickly and overall provide for better health.

Matstone Ivory
Matstone Ivory

“Slow juicing” slowly and gently presses the fruit or vegetables to extract all the natural juices that are full of vitamins and minerals. And more importantly, taste is retained so what you’ll get is all-natural juice that’s great-tasting, too.

Here in the Philippines, Filipinos who are in their advancing ages will be glad to note that the Matstone Horizontal Slow Juicer is now available for them to enjoy the benefits of juicing and help protect them or recover effectively from sickness.

Ivory Maroon
Matstone Maroon

Matstone is the only slow juicer in the country that carries the horizontal design with its many advantages in terms of reliability and functionality. When it juices, there is an assurance of no stuck-up of fruit pulps inside the juicer. This one-of-a-kind juicer can also juice hard, leafy vegetables and guarantees no leakage whatsoever.

Aside from being a slow juicer, the Matstone Horizontal Slow Juicer can also slice vegetables for a fresh and healthy vegetable salad. It can also mince vegetables, grind coffee beans, or even make homemade pasta so you can prepare all these nutritional dishes for your Mama or Papa, Lolo or Lola.


“We believe that Matstone Horizontal Slow Juicer is more than just a healthmate,” IAJ Wellness Corporation General Manager and Vice President Cris Llamo, said. “We also have in mind other members of the family who are in need of delicate health maintenance and also as a preventive measure to some ailments. Matstone’s multiple functionality in the kitchen also makes it a versatile kitchen assistant, processing fresh ingredients without taking much of its much needed nutrients.”

Matstone is the first low-speed juicer introduced in the Philippine market that runs at an ideal speed of 80 revolutions per minute (RPM) which makes it an effective juicer for green and leafy vegetables yet retains most of the nutrients found in the food.

So if you think you need to complement common medicines with other healthy means that help to improve your health or combat and recover from ailments, try slow juicing for a change. Who knows, going “juicing” might be the best one you can try to help you live healthier or effectively get well from an illness. Try the Matstone Horizontal Slow Juicer. It’s a decision you will never regret.

Matstone Horizontal Slow Juicer is distributed in the Philippines by IAJ Wellness Corporation. To know more about Matstone Horizontal Slow Juicer, testimonials, and healthy recipes, visit their website, www.matstone.com.ph and like them on Facebook, www.facebook.com/MatstoneJuicerPhilippines.

IAJ Wellness the exclusive distributor of MATSTONE Horizontal Slow Juicer and also manages other appliance brands geared towards providing a healthy lifestyle to consumers.  Visit www.iajwc.com for more information.