Auto-Gard Premium Car Care Products & Accesories

During rainy season, one of the most tiresome things to do is keeping your car smooth, spotless and squeaky-clean. Auto-Gard suggest a special AutoGardian car care package that will surely give your car the right protection against the stormy car-mageddon that includes Auto-Gard Carwash shampo, Auto-Gard High-Performance Microfiber Cloth, Auto-Gard Waffle Weave Drying Towel and Auto-Gard Super Sponge.



It was on the 90’s when the Automotive care and detailing brand, Auto-Gard introduced in the Philippines. Made of its finest materials, Auto-Gard products were easily loved and accepted by different Filipino car enthusiasts.  The company continue to improve to offer and give only what is best and nothing less.



Auto- Gard offers a complete line of quality car care products including waxes, polishes, cleaners, microfiber cloths and other detailing supplies. Auto-Gard car care products are designed to give your vehicles the best of its look while providing a solid protection to your car and its parts.

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