Life in the Proscenium

Life in the Proscenium. It’s what we all want, isn’t it?

Impressive, elaborate and elegant, the best Prosceniums marked the difference between common spectator and star in the world of theater.

Now imagine your life in front of one of the metro’s most sophisticated scenes, the Rockwell Center, framed by the windows of Rockwell Land’s brand new Proscenium.

Designed by the world-renowned architect Carlos Ott, the Proscenium is set to be the Philippines’ top premier residential space.

World-class amenities are waiting just outside one’s doorstep at the Proscenium. Sprawling to almost a hectare in size, the Proscenium’s Amenity Deck, situated on the fifth floor, will be home to beautifully manicured gardens, a grand lawn, an outdoor tennis court, several swimming pools that include a splash pad and floating river, a jogging path and much more.

The community development will be connected to the heart of the Rockwell Center via a pedestrian overpass that will link directly to the
Power Plant Mall.

Master Plan

Adding 3.6 hectares to the Rockwell Center, the Proscenium at Rockwell will serve as an expansion of the Rockwell Lifestyle, with comfort and convenience being central to the plan.

To this end, a pedestrian walk bridge will connect the Proscenium directly to the Power Plant Mall, and an extensive street expansion of Estrella will ensure residents of smooth traffic flow.

Rockwell Center Today

Known to many as a “city within a city”, Rockwell Center was envisioned as a mixed-use development to fulfill the needs of a growing community of residents, tenants and professionals who put their confidence in the Rockwell brand of luxury and lifestyle.

The Proscenium will be home to five residential towers, four of which are named after famous theaters around the world, Kirov, Sakura, Lincoln, Lorraine and The Proscenium Residences. To complete the Proscenium’s stage, a bi-level retail area and 600-seater performing arts theater was added for utmost convenience and entertainment.


One of the first towers to be built in the Proscenium property, the Kirov will stand 58 storeys tall and will boast a hefty 191 units. Prioritizing privacy, each floor will hold only 2 to 4 units, ensuring a retreat from the busy city. The Kirov will have 160 3-bedroom units, 21 3-bedroom penthouses and 10 4-bedroom penthouses with each penthouse offering a spacious den.


The second tower to make its mark in the Proscenium property is the Sakura. 46 storeys high, the Sakura will have 2 or 5 units per floor to ensure utmost privacy for your future home. Boasting a total of 182 units, the tower will have 102 two bedroom units, 68 three-bedroom and 12 four-bedroom plus den units.


Lincoln rises to an impressive 47 floors, featuring a vast range of unit cuts. Creating an ideal balance between function and design, the third tower of the Proscenium features a total of 492 units, composed of 82 studio units, 246 one-bedroom units and 164 twobedroom units.


The Lorraine embodies premium living as it offers spacious unit cuts including 77 two-bedroom units, 104 three-bedroom units, and 10 four-bedroom units distributed across 45 floors.