Beware of ATM Skimming

Did you know that ATM skimming is a method of stealing card information? Fraudsters install a tiny camera and a skimmer in ATMs to capture PINs and data stored in the magnetic stripe of debit and ATM cards, then create counterfeit cards to withdraw their victims’ money.

EastWest Bank emailed me about their new product security for ATM Card users of the greater security with EMV-chip technology.

EastWest Debit Cards have EMV chip. Information in chip-equipped cards is harder to copy. Unlike cards with magnetic stripes, chip-equipped cards are programmed with security codes that make it almost impossible for fraudsters to copy card information. Still, it would be wise to remember these simple tips to avoid getting skimmed at ATMs:

Use ATMs in well-lit areas with a lot of foot traffic.
Familiarize yourself with the look and feel of ATMs. If you spot anything unusual about an ATM you’re about to use like signs of tampering – loose wires, adhesive smears, or components that are wobbly – go to another ATM.

If the ATM has no PIN pad cover, shield your hand with your other hand as you enter your PIN.