Tasty Tantanmen of Little Kodo at BFBTC

Tantanmen of Little Kodo is now available at Buendia Food By The Court (BFBTC).  In the past few days, I was able to visit their food stall located at BFTC Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue corner Bautista and Finlandia Streets, Brgy. San San Isidro, Makati City.

I was craving for a hot soup during that time while I was walking by in the food park, until someone offered me to taste and eat a bowl of Tantanmen of Little Kodo. A ramen soup made with hot water, pork, egg, ramen, sea weeds, corn, garlic leaves and other ingredients that makes the Tantanmen tasty and delicious.

For me, the Tantanmen is best serve when hot and great with water or any of your favorite drink. I used to eat soup after eating a heavy meal  for proper digestion. Of course, you have to drink a lot of water which is beneficial to your health than drinking of soda.

In the BFTC, you can Eat, Relax and Play Basketball! By the way, after we played basketball, the group was given a budget by our employer for a great food experience of the food and drinks offered by the different food stalls and establishment in the food park area.

Tantanmen by Little Kodo

Until today, I am still curios why the Trade Name of their business is Little Kodo. In my next visit, I will ask the owner and of course will try their other products.

In the BFBTC, you can eat and relax with your friends or loved ones after office hours or during weekend. Little Kodo is open from 5:00PM until 12:00AM daily at the Buendia Food By The Court .

Buendia Food by the Court is NOW ACCEPTING MERCHANTS! Call 0917.5576959 for inquiries, or email buendiafoodbythecourt@gmail.com.

Christmas feast tips by Midea’s Brand Ambassadors

As people are completing their Christmas list of things to buy for their loved ones and friends, shopping for the very much awaited Christmas feast is also finding its way to the urgent to-do list this season. Majority of families would always go for the staple food items during celebrations, like spaghetti or pansit, fruit salad or graham cake, and many more. Specialties like the Christmas ham will always be a hit this season, but these families would always show off their specialty dishes, especially when they have guests coming over, or they need to bring them for potluck.

Celebrity Chef Couple and Midea brand ambassadors, Rob and Sunshine Pengson are also excited for their Christmas feast at home. As people who dedicated their life in the culinary arts, they share some tips that could help people who are stressing out on planning for their feasts even before they start preparing them. “I believe that one of the most common mistakes that most people do in preparing for their Noche Buena is shopping without a menu in their mind,” Chef Rob says. “Always take time to sit down and plan out your menu in advance then make a corresponding list for it. This will help save time and money.”

“When done shopping for groceries, it is always a challenge to keep your ingredients fresh,” Chef Sunshine shares. “I like to portion everything as soon as I get home, so that they are kept in their own containers and can be prepared quickly.” When asked what their favorite dish is during Christmas, they shared that they always opt for what is traditional. “We like to stick to tried and tested classics, such as, baked ham, lechon, bibingka, puto bumbong, and the like.” They also pointed out that lechon should not be missed for the Christmas feast.

If people wanted to try something new for their Christmas feast the Chefs suggested that they should try a grilled ensaymada paired with spiced hot chocolate made in a Midea Safety Kettle.  It is called “safety kettle” because it responds to some of the risk of having an electric kettle at home. Midea’s Safety Kettle has a Sure-safe Double Wall Technology which keeps the exterior safe to touch while keeping the water warm for a longer period of time.  The Midea Safety Kettle could boil water two times faster compare to an electric stove top kettle and it is durable with high-quality stainless steel parts.

Preparing for a Christmas feast can be tedious and it somehow takes away the fun in having some guests at home because of all the exhaustion from cooking. “Get some outside help,” Chef Rob says. Don’t try to do everything yourself. This will leave you time for de-stressing, relaxing, and spending more time with your loved ones, which is what the holidays are all about.” And with the help of Midea’s lineup of kitchen appliances, such as their induction cooker, multi-purpose cooker, and microwave ovens, cooking a Christmas feast will be very easy and healthy at the same time.

Midea Safety Kettle

People just need to make sure that they have more than enough leftovers, because the best compliment that anyone could give after the Christmas feast is, “Can I take home some leftovers?”

For more information on Midea’s products check out their website at http://midea.com.ph/ and Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MideaPhilippines.