Mouth-Watering Takoyaki of Little Kodo

Have you tasted the mouth-watering Takoyaki of Little Kodo at Buendia Food By The Court (BFBTC) lately? One of the best seller grilled round-shaped Japanese food snack made of wheat flour-based water and filled with variety of ingredients. Full of dice octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger, green union, mayonnaise and takoyaki sauce.

Cooked in a molded pan and the ingredients makes the Takoyaki tasty and delicious. For me, the Takoyaki is best serve when hot to experience and savor of the Japanese food snack.

Surely you will amazed the shape-rounded Japanese food snack that you will not miss to taste it with your favorite cold drink or water. Serve these in parties or other related events as warming snacks. You can try experimenting different toppings and ingredients in making the Japanese food snack.

I love experimenting and exploring on how a recipe or snack created. For me, it is not just about the ingredients of the food but most important is the health benefits to our body. The Takoyaki of Little Kodo is delicious that you will not refuse to buy and taste the mouth-watering Japanese food snack.

In BFBTC, you can eat, drink and relax with your friends or loved ones after office hours or during weekend. Little Kodo is open from 5:00PM until 12:00AM daily at the Buendia Food By The Court . BFBTC is located at Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue corner Bautista and Finlandia Streets, Brgy. San Isidro, Makati City.

Buendia Food by the Court is NOW ACCEPTING MERCHANTS! Call 0917.5576959 for inquiries, or email