Circle Coin Philippines Kick Off Party

Have you heard about Circle Coin? A next generation of digital currencies, which have a distinct features apart from being a convenient payment method.

Circle Coin Navi (CCNAVI) Philippines has launched recently in K-PUB BBQ, The Fort Strip, BGC on January 28, 2016 as an operation website of the Affiliated Program designed to promote the sales of Digital currency: Circle Coin.

What made me interested in digital currency is that handling fees are inexpensive, it can be used 24/7 and all you need is an internet connection (no bank accounts needed).

Mr. Jeremille Raton

According to the CCNAVI Philippines, Circle Coin is a world’s first hybrid digital currency which combined digital currency and an original mileage program. The users can accumulate mileage and use them inside various contents like traveling, advertising, lottery and other upcoming contents.

I registered recently to the Affiliated Program to experience the concept of Fintech (Finance + Technology) in relation to digital currencies of its convenience and handiness in dealing my daily financial needs through the internet.

I am newbie with regards to the features of Affiliated Program but willing to learn how it works not only for profit but how it applies to my digital financial needs.

In the event, Minor and Major items were raffled and given away to the winners from different sponsors led by Ms. Jenny Yang. She is also one of the leaders of Circle Coin Navi Philippines.

Visit and Like their FB Page:  for updates and to know more about Circle Coin. If you are interested to become an affiliate, register to