Nutritious Rojak Salad at Buendia Food By The Court

Do you consider  fruit and vegetable as part of your daily diet for a healthy living? May be you will consider Rojak Salad, a nutritious salad garnered by Hunt&GatherPH’s  seal of approval as a healthy option at Buendia Food by the Court. Satisfy your cravings with this beneficial salad and consider it as part of your healthy lifestyle.

Rojak Salad, a mixture of  sliced fresh fruits and vegetables such as pineapple, lettuce, pickled cucumber, mangoe, and turnip . These healthy ingredients are beneficial to our body for a healthy lifestyle.

Photo Credit: Hunt And Gather Ph

Watch the video to know more about the nutritious salad of Hunter&Gather PH as follows:

For me, it is delicious and nutritious. I am satisfied of the nutritious Rojak Salad. You may consider to visit their Stall at Buendia Food By The Court in Makati City.