JENRA Opens 5th Supermarket Chain in San Fernando

In a bid to widen its reach and cater all of Pampanga, JENRA announces the inauguration of its newest branch slated to happen on October 27. Now on its fifth supermarket chain, the biggest homegrown retail player in the province continues its trademark of bringing value-for-money products and the best shopping deals for the Kapampangan locals.

Jumbo JENRA Dolores, the newest addition to Tan Song Bok (TSB) Realty and Development Corporation’s line of commercial shopping center opens today in one of the province’s most prime location. Strategically located in the heart of San Fernando, the capital city of Pampanga and the gateway to the rest of Central Luzon, Jumbo JENRA Dolores is envisioned to be a retail shopping haven amidst the bustling community of Dolores.

Considered as a bigger and better addition to the JENRA family, Jumbo JENRA Dolores is only unveiling the first phase of the development. It is the biggest among the five in terms of selling area and there a lot more to look forward to as a commercial center will soon open within the complex. This is in line with the company’s vision of establishing JENRA as a one-stop-shop for every need.

“Sa Presyo at Serbisyo Sigurado Ka,” Jumbo JENRA Dolores will continue to elevate the shopping experiences of Kapampangans while offering budget-friendly products

More than just a commercial center, the JENRA brand has grown close to the heart of the locals as it’s been a part of every household in the progressive province of Pampanga. The thrust of JENRA is to provide a venue for retail grocery shopping while offering affordable wholesale prices. As the brand continues to embody its signature of “Sa Presyo at Serbisyo Sigurado Ka,” JENRA already succeeded to be known to offer the lowest commodity prices among all retailers and wholesalers in the region.

“Because of our reasonably priced items and offerings, JENRA is now a platform for local businesses to flourish. Through the years we have assisted many small retailers and sari-sari store owners to succeed in their trade,” shared Byron John T. Siy, General Manager of TSB Realty.

“We are a business that also serves the best interest of our fellow Kapampangans, thus we are not just offering products that fit the budget but we also support local livelihood and create jobs,” Siy added.

The development of JENRA supermarkets around Pampanga has since increase urbanization and modernization in the province. The brand also introduced state-of-the-art facilities for improved shopping conveniences and shaped a world-class retail experience for the locals.

When asked about the future plans for the JENRA brand, Siy shared that the company is definitely eyeing to conquer the rest of Central Luzon. “We will make sure that the benefits we offer will not just be enjoyed by the Kapampangan locals but soon in other parts of Central Luzon,” Siy ended.

Officially opening only the first phase of development on October 27, Jumbo JENRA Dolores already offers the biggest selling area among other JENRA supermarkets.

JENRA started the concept of superrete in the 1970’s and has emerged as a large-scale supermarket brand. TSB Realty is the developer of JENRA establishments in Angeles City and Mabalacat. Other JENRA locations include JENRA Grand Mall, Sto. Rosario; Jumbo JENRA Angeles City Market;, Jumbo JENRA Dau, Mabalacat City; Jumbo JENRA Sindalan and Jumbo JENRA Dolores both in San Fernando City.

Tabi Po, A Graphic Novel And A TV Masterpiece

“Tabi Po” series is a TV adaptation of  Mervin Malonzo’s best-selling graphic novel series with the same title that won the National Book Awards for Graphic Literature,  a new cinematic TV Series Masterpiece this season.

Cignal TV, through its SARI SARI Channel, brings you a brave and bold TV series about the lives of aswangs in “Tabi Po”.  In relation with the said TV Series, they set a Media Launch dated October 20, 2017 in URBN Quezon City.


For me, the viewers will ask themselves literally how the TV series created with the use of advance graphic art and technology that will enhance or influence the current viewers of today in relation with the current environment and nature in the community.

Tabi Po tells the story of Elias, a neophyte aswang, Born from a tree during the country’s Spanish era, Elias embarks on a journey with two older aswangs, Tasyo and Sabel, in the quest to understand their true nature. Along the way, Elias meets Salome, a sex slave of the friars, and falls in love with her. In the middle of a rising revolution, Elias is forced to face his own battles – his love for Salome versus his hunger of flesh, the growing rift between himself and Tasyo, the society’s stigma with aswangs, and the battle with own inner monster.

The viewers will also expect that Tabi Po shows love, beauty, amidst the horrific lives of these creatures called aswang. Where did they come from? What is their purpose? Is there more to the massive killing, gore and bloodshed typically associated with them?

Directed by award-winning director Paul Basinilio, Tabi Po stars a powerhouse cast led by Luis Alandy as Tasyo, Phoebe Walker as Sabel, Jourdanne Castillo as Salome, and AJ Muhlach as Elias.

Tabi Po stars Luis Alandy as Tasyo
Tabi Po star Phoebe Walker as Sabel
Tabi Po star Jourdanne Castillo as Salome

Discover which side will prevail, Elias’ true bloodthirsty nature or his deep feelings for the girl he loves the most.

This epic tale premiers on October 27, 2017, and will air every Friday at 8:00 PM until December 1, 2017. Watch it on the SARI-SARI Channel, brought you by the Philippines’ premier pay TV provider, Cignal TV.