This is to extend my gratitude to a generous person for giving me a book entitled “ANYONE CAN LEAD” last year 2010. In fact, two of us had received the book and it is really helpful in our daily lives.


The book, “Anyone Can Lead” is written by David A. White and foreword by Bishop Fred Magbanua, Jr which is all about “Guidelines for Leading Outreach Bible Studies” that could equip leaders to prepare bible studies that are direct from the Bible, easy to prepare, easy to lead, proven to be fruitful, enjoyable to use, inexpensive and effective with all types of people.

Everyone of us has the ability to lead other people regardless of what status in you have in your life. Having the right attitude is one of the keys for a successful leadership. A good leader is also good follower who is willing to listen and know to accept the concerns of others that is a positive point of view.
I have learned that we should be a witness or testimony to other people and unbelievers. No one is perfect in this world but we should be trained the way that He wants us to be. May be other persons are following us the way we are living.
Every person is able to lead others regardless of the degree that you have attained in your lives but it is really a matter of attitude that you will be leading whether it is in the church, businesses and non-business communities.

I belive that you can lead and anyone can lead.

MARCH 2011

Last March 2011, I formally started my part-time bookkeeping task in a production and entertainment company classified as Small Medium Enterprises(SMEs) which was started its operation last June 2008.

I am glad to hear from the owner that she will increase the production in terms of advertisements and other activities related to the nature of business.

As to date, I am still updating and summarising the financial reports and other related matters from the beginning of its operation. I believe that I am able to do the task to the best of my knowledge.

In my actual experience and to share this to other concerns with regards to filing of BIR returns, the taxpayer should file returns as required stated in the Certificate of Registration (COR) and pay taxes if applicable regardless that the company is operating or not, otherwise you will be assess for late filing or non-filing of returns that will result to charges of surcharges, interest and compromise penalties and other violations.

The company should be updated in filing and payment (if applicable) of returns and records what requires the law not only in the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) but also to other government and private agencies SEC, SSS, GIS, Philhealth, HDMF and others.

In this regard, we should be updated in terms of taxation and be vigilant as a taxpayer. We should express our concerns to the authorized persons only of these agencies in the processing of transactions.