The Sweet Success of Goya

More than five decades on, Goya keeps the tradition of making life sweeter for every Filipino.

Joselino Chincuanco Jy., General Manager of Goya, attributes the sweet success of the popular chocolate brand to innovations by making the confectionary brand more exciting in terms of taste and packaging.


According to Chincuanco, Innovation is key. From three to four Goya brands, they have increased the brands and kept on introducing new and more innovative products that will attract the interest of chocolate-loving Filipinos.


Up to date, Goya still continues to tickle the taste buds of Pinoys with a variety of sweet treats since the first brand of cube-sized chocolates wrapped in foil hit store shelves in 1956.

Since then, it has raised the bar of chocolate-making in the country when it introduced dark chocolates, dark mint chocolates, white chocolates, almonds dipped in chocolates, crunchy bite-size chocolates and choco-covered biscuits. Goya has later ventured into making luscious chocolate spreads and even baking products like choco syrup, brownie mixes and premium cocoa powder.


Mr. Chincuanco believes that the people in the background, from the factory to the administration and marketing and sales, contributed immensely to the success and growth of Goya chocolates in the Philippines. The company continues to empower its people by continuously recognizing their strengths and capabilities to bring out the best in them, and leveraged on these qualities to create a better brand that will benefit the market.


With their employees’ enhanced productivity and performance, Chincuanco supported this by going aggressive with their advertising and promotion blitzes to make more people aware about Goya and share their people’s best work through their products.

At present, Goya now enjoys being the most preferred chocolate bar in the country. With the Philippines as the second-ranked confectionary brand in Asia, and Indonesia perched on the top spot, quality remains an important aspect of the company’s existence. Goya make it a point that every Filipino will enjoy delicious and premium chocolates and get their money’s worth. “Anything that has to do with chocolates, Goya definitely has one,” says Chincuanco.

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There is, indeed, no stopping Goya as it plans to add more exciting products in its lineup that will be forever loved by more Filipinos-and perhaps in other countries as well.


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