GLOBE BUSINESS AMBASSADOR Darlyn Ty is the winner of the Agora Award for Entrepreneurship, given by the Philippine Marketing Association in recognition of marketing excellence achieved by individuals and companies. The ceremonies were held at the Hotel Inter-Continental in Makati City on October 16, 2012.

Darlyn received the prize for her success in creating and marketing the best-selling Belle de Jour Power Planners for the female market—through her company, Viviamo, Inc.

So what’s her secret to winning her first ever Agora Award?

“The best marketing tool is having a great, differentiated and relevant product. We put in a lot of effort in developing our product and we also gather extensive knowledge about our market. In the case of Belle de Jour, we strive to get to know the women who are the users of our planners,” she replied.

Darlyn’s Belle de Jour Planners are a favorite among women who use these as a way to achieve their goals while also keeping their “work-life balance”. Darlyn calls these women “BDJ Girls”.

“BDJ Girls are empowered women who want to live life to the fullest. Life is so fast paced now, and it’s so easy to get lost in the noise. There is real value in writing things down, realizing what is important to us, and then making things happen step by step. Goals are not achieved overnight. They are achieved day by day, inch by inch. “The BDJ Planner helps by putting things in total perspective. Things get done day by day, and this allows women to live life to the fullest,” Darlyn explained.

ENTREPRENEUR AND GLOBE BUSINESS AMBASSADOR DARLYN TY is the recipient of the 2012 Agora Award for Entrepreneurship given by the Philippine Marketing Association. Darlyn is the creative and entrepreneurial force behind Viviamo, Inc., the company that produces the best-selling Belle de Jour Power Planner for women. She uses Globe Business solutions to help run her business more efficiently at less cost. “Globe Business helps us in key communication efforts to strategic partners in aligning marketing efforts and activities, as well as for maintaining good relationships with them,” said Darlyn.

Perfect partner

Running a small company amid the presence of much bigger competitors is very challenging, said Darlyn. According to her, small companies do not have as much resources as their bigger competitors.

“We are still a small company striving for growth so we have to maximize whatever limited resources we have. However, that challenge can also be a blessing: it helps us become more creative in making things happen.

“Creativity, innovation and perspective make our products and activities insightful and relevant. We also need to focus on developing good relationships with various partners—that’s really important in our business,” she said.

When it comes to keeping strong links with her business colleagues, customers and suppliers, Darlyn revealed that her partnership with Globe Business is crucial to her company’s success.

“Globe Business helps us in key communication efforts to strategic partners in aligning marketing efforts and activities, as well as for maintaining good relationships with them,” she said.

Darlyn has tapped Globe Business to give her an edge when it comes to using high-tech telecommunications services at a price that is cost-effective and affordable for a company like hers.

Powerful, affordable solutions

At present, Darlyn is using Globe Business Capped Plans to let her manage her company mobile accounts more effectively and at less cost. A Business Capped Plan provides a monthly load allowance that serves as a cap or limit on an employee’s spending of company mobile phone credits.

For example, Business Capped Plan 600 allots each company mobile account a monthly allowance of P600 per month. The company only has to pay exactly P600 a month for each account and nothing more. If more load is needed, you can just top-up according to your needs.

Second, Business Capped Plans have an Unli Business Loop feature that allows unlimited calls within the company. Third, Business Capped Plans come with free mobile phones.

All these benefits allow Darlyn to maintain strong, productive relationships with her business partners, suppliers and customers.

“In our business, coordination and timing are very important to keep our operations efficient and productive. I’m always on the lookout for mobile phone plans that could help us keep our expenses down while improving our communications.

“I found the perfect partner in Globe Business through their Business Capped Plans. We make full use of the unlimited calls feature within the company as well as the consumable monthly allowance. We even have free SMS to other networks.

“I don’t have to worry about communications costs anymore and in fact, I could even extend the plan to our messenger so he can coordinate directly with our staff. This way, he’s able to do things right at the right time,” she said.

Like Darlyn, you can discover how Globe Business can help your company succeed and achieve its goals. If you’re a small or medium-sized business, Globe Business can also yhelp give you the edge to let you run your business in a simpler, more efficient, and more cost-effective manner. Business is simply made better with Globe Business.

For more information about how you can make your business better through Globe Business just call (02) 730-1010. You may also log on to

Globe Business is the corporate arm of Globe Telecom, the leading mobile telecommunications company in the Philippines. Globe Business provides wireless and wireline solutions for a diverse set of industries, businesses, and commercial enterprises. It assures SMEs of affordable, reliable, and dependable services for all communication needs, both wireless and wireline solutions, to generate the highest possible profit at the lowest possible cost.


With more than 30 percent market share on variable life business, AXA Philippines is among the top five insurance providers in the Philippines.

AXA maintains its status as the top insurance brand in the world for the third consecutive year. This after global consultancy firm Interbrand released its 2011 rankings for the best global brands. For 2011, AXA is ranked number one global insurance brand; 53rd best brand in the world across all categories; and fourth best French brand across all industries.

“We are very happy about our Interbrand ranking. It affirms to us that we’re doing the right things for our customers throughout the world. We bring the same world-class quality of protection products and services here in the Philippines for our clients, their loved ones, and their financial security,” said AXA Philippines President & CEO, Rien Hermans.

AXA Philippines invites viewers to “cross the line” in its currently airing cable TV commercial–meaning, crossing over to an insurance provider that gives more to its clients; this is affirmed by the recent Interbrand 2011 Best Global Brands report, recognizing AXA as the world’s Number One insurance brand.

Interbrand is one of the largest brand consultancies in the world, specializing in brand analytics, brand strategy, brand valuation and other services. It ranked AXA number one in the world for the following reasons:

1) AXA’s ability to “redefine its industry by focusing on customer insights”; 2) AXA’s consistent performance in being “available, attentive and reliable” towards its clients; and its success in offering clients “tangible proofs” of how it fulfills its promises; and 3) The strong commitment to the AXA brand by the company’s members at the senior and employee levels.

A leading brand

AXA Philippines is one of the largest life insurers in the Philippines and one of the fastest growing companies, registering higher than industry growth since its inception in 1999.

As of December 31, 2010, the Philippine Insurance Commission ranked AXA Philippines in third place overall, with P8.36 billion in total premium income. In terms of first-year premiums, AXA Philippines leads with P6.64 billion in income, making it the preferred provider of unit-linked (also called “investment-linked” or “variable”) life insurance, with more than 30 percent market share. AXA Philippines specializes in providing insurance, investment-linked products and other solutions that are customized to each policyholder’s needs.

AXA Philippines’ investments are managed by the Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (Metrobank), the premier universal bank and among the foremost financial institutions in the Philippines. This partnership makes AXA Philippines most effective in helping clients plan their life goals for income protection, education, retirement, critical illness protection, and estate planning.

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