Kumori’s Signature Hanjuku Cheese

If you’re looking a Japanese delicacies baked with light, creamy and perfectly balanced, Kumori’s Signature Hanjuku Cheese is a delicious dessert after your meals. Hanjuku Cheese is a complex combination of delicate flavors and velvety texture.

KAMURI HANJUKO CHEESE KumoriMoreover, this delicious masterpiece is made with all natural ingredients brought together through dedication, love and absolute care by the Company’s talented and skilled bakers.

Bakers Maison is the first in the Philippine Retail Bread Industry to have an interactive mobile application with Augmented Reality

Bakers Maison was established in 1998 at New South Wales in Australia. It is a specialist manufacturer of authentic French-style breads and pastries, serving the food service sector throughout Australia.

Bakers Maison will bring its trademark from Australia by opening its first retail bakeshop in the Philippines. Through the technology and bread making expertise of Gardenia Bakeries Philippines and its collaboration with various industry experts, Bakers Maison Philippines will deliver exceptional consumer value through its delectable breads and pastries inspired not just by traditional and authentic French recipes, but a fusion of flavours from all over the world.


Bakers Maison also offers a wide and innovative array of baked goods that come in various tastes and textures. It has created an exciting collection that features breads and flavours from all over the globe.

A. Artisan Breads

Bakers Maison breads have a crusty texture and dense moist center, made accordingly to authentic French recipes. From the traditional Baguette and Focaccia to the healthy Multigrain Sourdough, these breads cater to any usage occasion: sandwiches, garlic bread, breakfast baskets, or to simply to accompany any meal.

B. Viennorie

Bakers Maison has selected premium quality ingredients to make its Viennoiserie creations irresistible from its Croissants and Danish Pastries to its Turnovers. each pastry is soft, delicate with a slightly crackly crust and filled with luscious sweet or savoury fillings.

C. Snack Breads

It has a vast selection of sweet and savory snack breads. Bakers Maison breads are soft, delicious, and come in various shapes and sizes.

D. Loaf Breads

The Company brings its consumers loaf breads with a soft, creamy texture, cut into thick slices and baked to perfection.

E. Cookies & Muffins

Aside from breads and pastries, Bakers Maison will also offer cookies and muffins – indulging treats that are extremely gratifying. Its cookies are soft, chewy or chunky whilst its muffin variants are soft and moist, with generous servings of the flavor.

Baker Masion Red Velvet Cookie
Baker Masion Red Velvet Cookie

F. Sandwiches

Bakers Maison sandwiches are inspired by popular recipes all over the globe, stuffed with goodness, loaded with healthy vegetables, bursting with flavor, and more importantly, served on freshly-baked bread.

G. Beverages

It has a selection of hot and cold beverage to complement its bread offerings. Made in the finest coffee tradition, Bakers Maison coffee is created using its own blend of beans that are batched to perfection and combined to deliver coffee that comes in classic and unique flavours.

Aside from Coffee, it will carry ready-to-drink beverages in the form of juices, teas, and Cowhead, a brand also under QAF Limited.

The Company is the first in the Philippine Retail Bread Industry to have an interactive mobile application with Augmented Reality. Now consumers can Taste the World at their fingertips!

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