In the past two weeks up to date, a single salted duck egg has been included in my breakfast or any of my daily meals. For me, a single salted duck egg is tasty or in other words more delicious if mixed it with a ripe tomato or any ingredients suitable on it.

According to Chinese tradition, a salted duck egg is preserved by soaking duck eggs in brine (a water, nearly saturated with salt) , or packing each egg in moisture, salted charcoal.

In fact, the egg white of a salted duck egg has a sharp, salty taste compared to the orange red yolk which is rich, less salty and fatty. The yolk is used in Chinese mooncakes, too.

In the Philippines, a popular method for processing of salted duck eggs is  the Pateros method which is prepared by mixing clay, table salt and water. Most common, salted eggs sold here are dyed red to distinguish them from fresh duck eggs.

According to the experts, less than 300 mg a day of cholesterol intake is recommended for a healthy diet. A salty duck egg contains a high cholesterol of about 359 mg per 70 g weight of egg yolk.  But a salty duck egg is rich in protein and calcium and other minerals.

For those interested parties who want to have or buy salted duck eggs may contact me at wnduldulao@hotmail.com or leave a comment and your details in this article.


I’m  one of the bloggers who was also invited last August 25, 2011 in the event of the The Great Night Market held in Venice Piazza Mckinley Hill The Fort organized by Mareville in partnership with Megaworld with its advocacy of helping small business with competitive products. The event was supported by big companies who believe in it cause in promoting small businesses.  A feast of Filipino and International cuisines was exhibited by culinary genius food businesses.

The  foods and drinks presented by the different exhibitors in the event was so amazing and delightful that every customers may test their good taste. Since, this is a great time event, I can’t say “no” to experienced the culinary genius of the chefs with the group of bloggers and other persons.


The owners & exhibitors of the food business in the event set a fair price with regards to their foods and drinks or in other words it has an affordable price. In deed, foods and drinks exhibited are simply delicious.

Games and surprises was also included in the even hosted by JC Baron. And the best decorated booth, judged by the bloggers, received an award.

The successful event was made possible by its major sponsors such as Boarwalk, Slimmers World, Delipery.ph, Jeru Travel Agency, Pear of the Pacific Boracay, San Remiego Beach club Cebu, Lush Enterprises (Frutas, Buco ni Frutas, Mr. Teppan and Shan hi Food).

Moreover, the event management or the bloggers event was made possible by Checkered Events.