In this generation, online selling & marketing is denominating and growing in the country and around the world in terms of its practicability, convenience, less expensive in cost and it is the fastest way in searching or finding job(s) and worker(s), shopping, buying and selling of cars, accessories, cellphones, computers, gadgets, house and lot for sale in the Philippines and other related products and services.

In fact, when I was started blogging just a year ago as my part-time activity, I have been more exposed, interested and even subscribed to some online communities whether it is a profit or non-profit organization deriving sources of income within and without the Philippines.

With my experiences as online shopper and subscriber, few months ago, I have been into planning and canvassing of house and lot for sale in the Philippines through  online classifieds. Acquiring and investing of house and lot is one of the desires of my heart that I am preparing for it.

Amidst of the ups and downs in the economy few years ago, real estate business is still on top in the development of properties that include  buying and selling of house and lots not only in the urban cities but also to other component cities, municipalities  and rural areas in the nation. Actually, there are different kinds of house for sale such as condominiums, bungalows and two-storey houses available for sale to investors, buyers and interested parties that have provided by the online advertisement.

This is to inform the readers that Ayosdito.Ph have provided me the opportunity and ideas about online buying and selling of house and lot. In fact, it is considered as one of the top online marketplace in the Philippines, nowadays.

It is possible that I will be engaging into buy and sell of real estate products in general and take the responsibilities if opportunities will come may be one of these days.


A passport is a document issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) in the Government of the Philippines that certifies a person’s identity, citizenship and permits a citizen to travel abroad in accordance with the law and the rule of reciprocity of every nations.
Last December 3, 2009, being a new ePassport Applicant set an appointment through the DFA’s Passport Application Appointment System just following the procedures and encoding important information’s including my personal email for confirmation and schedule of appointment.
The following day dated December 4, 2009 upon receiving the e-mail confirmation I had prepared the important documents such as National Statistics Office (NSO) Birth Certificate and Original Valid ID (Voter’s ID, digitized SSS ID and original supporting documents indicating full name name, date and place of birth and citizenship) applicable to my personal application. For other requirements applicable to the new applicant(s)  can access The next step  I did was by accomplishing the Passport Application Form. Other documents required  was a printed copy of the confirmation email and original and photocopy of my passport and duly accomplished form.
Other contents in the confirmation email was an information for me to proceed to Gate 3, window 26 or 28 at the Department of Foreign Affairs, Pasay City, Philippines from 10:00 – 11:00 AM dated December 8, 2009 for the processing of my electronic passport. I had preferred the regular processing of my passport with passport fee amounting to Nine Hundred Fifty pesos only (Php.950.00) for 25 working days which is less expensive compared to rush processing fee to the amount of One Thousand Two Hundred Pesos (Php.1,200.00) for 15 working days.

Lastly, I had subscribed to a courier company (optional) within the DFA area for the delivery of my electronic passportt in my employer’s office after 25 working days, whichever is earlier.