Archers Vs. Aliens

Archers vs. Aliens is an innovative puzzle game that takes inspiration from the tower-defense genre. Protect your kingdom from a mob of otherworldly creatures!

The objective of the game is to create a path for aliens to follow and eradicate them while they are there. But the challenge lies with how this can be accomplished. Road tiles need to be arranged for the paths to be created while upgradable towers shoot the enemies down. Set in the medieval period, the game comes with an epic music theme and crisp sound effects.

Besides, Archers vs. Aliens is an engaging mental sport that gets more and more exhilarating the further in a player goes. It tests your focus and induces your creativity. The challenges should not be underestimated.

Angel jokes, “Players become better multitaskers, are sharper, and are more creative after playing the game.”


– Various helpful items and tower upgrades are unlocked as you get deeper into the game.

– Gold coins are collected from killing enemies. These can be used for item purchases and tower upgrades.

– Levels are progressively difficult and more complicated.

– New challenges and features are continuously added/updated.

– Archers vs. Aliens leaderboard allows players to see how they stack up against others.

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Archers vs Aliens Gameplay

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Az9 Studios is an up-and-coming indie gaming studio comprised of real-life partners Fredrik Spangler and Angel Kho. The small team with big dreams aspires to provide challenging and innovative mobile gaming experiences to young adults and the not-so-young alike.

Archers vs. Aliens (AvA) is the brainchild of self-taught developer Fred. Being an avid gamer himself, Fred sought to deliver a high level of mental stimulation and entertainment value to the audience of Az9 Studio’s games. Soon after creating their first pet project named Tropic Heroes to apply his newly acquired app development skills, Fred conceived a completely new type of game. He excitedly started to work on the clever concept which had not yet been attempted in the mobile game industry. Archers vs. Aliens, a unique cross between puzzle and tower defense genres, emerged as the promising new production.


Fredrik Spangler – Game Design and Development, Founder, Az9 Studios

Angel Kho – Business Development and Marketing, Az9 Studios

Michael Atienza – Graphics and Animation, Freelancer

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