On May 21, 2011, some bloggers and I was invited to join the Qplus Super Saturday event held at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City, Philippines

The international network marketing leader Qplus unveiled its latest products and services designed to improve health and promote overall wellness. These were the revolutionary Bio-Resonance Hair Analysis, the Ole Leaf Extract nutritional supplement and the Amezcua Lifestyle Set. The presentation took place at one of Qplus’ signature Super Saturday events, a gathering attended by industry practitioners and media alike.

Bio-Resonance Hair Analysis is a new wellness concept available from Amezcua Vital Life Center. The state-of-the-art procedure, developed over several decades is a non-invasive procedure that examines trace elements in the hair, enabling training health professionals to determine one’s overall health and nutritional state by examining the cells in one’s hair. Once the levels of toxins, pathogens, food sensitivities and nutritional requirements have been examined, Amezcua staff can then recommend a specifically-tailored regimen to assist the patient on the road to wellness, correcting existing problems and preventing future ones. The Bio-Resonance Hair Analysis is exclusively available at the Amezcua Vital Life Center.

The Amezcua Lifestyle Set consists of three discs; Amezcua EAT, Amezcua DRINK and Amezcua MOVE. Each discs serves a specific dietary purpose, specifically designed to re-energize the user in his daily life.

Ole Olive Leaf Extract is a nutritional supplement with five times the antioxidants potential of Vitamin C. Developed from years of study that began with the isolation of a class of chemical compound called phenols, it has been consistently proven that olive leaf extract contains a wealth of nutrients and vitamins beneficial to the human immune system. An excellent antioxidant, Ole not only slows oxidative damage, but is also powerful combatant against free radicals when combined with a balanced diet and proper exercise.


Qplus is a trailblazing, exceptionally-positioned network marketing company in the Philippines. Part of the Qi Group of Companies, which now has presence in over 100 countries, Qplus offers extraordinary business opportunities, outstanding health and wellness products as well as unwavering near and long-term support to our stakeholders.


Rooting from Amezcua Wellness Center’s main advocacy of Preventive Health through Natural Medicine, the Vital Life Center’s approach to health care revolves around the power and importance of Prevention. It seeks to detect weakness in the body before symptoms of disease manifest themselves and provide natural therapies that strengthen the immune system.

Through its variety of modern screening methods which range from the analysis of body
fluids to the measurement of electrical energy, and cell analysis, the VLC’s licensed medical practitioners are able to address the root of most health problems, not just their symptoms.

If you’d like more information about Qplus and its products, or to schedule an interview with Qplus Chairperson Ms. Donna Imson, please contact Kassy Pajarillo of KAS Events Management at +63 917 554-0014 or e-mail kassypajarillo@kas-events.com


This morning, I was requested by the associate of advertising company through email  for a press release of ORACARE that could help to my blog and to the readers as well.

SELF-IMPROVEMENT is something that basketball star Chris Tiu truly believes in. In his official blog (http://chris-tiu.blogspot.com) he writes: “I believe it is truly helpful to one’s self-improvement if one makes a conscious effort to set concrete goals to enable him/her to work towards it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a long-term goal, mid-term or short-term goal.” For Chris, self-improvement is the philosophy behind everything he does.

“If you look at the biographies of all the successful people in the world, you will notice that they all have one thing in common: they always look for ways to improve their own lives and the lives of others. That way, when they succeed, they are able to also benefit their fellow man,” says Chris, adding that he would like to do the same for his fellow Filipinos.

Chris Tiu is not your ordinary celebrity. He’s an international-caliber athlete and captain of a national basketball squad that represents the Philippines proudly in international basketball tournaments. He is a commercial model, TV host, and is even a public official, serving as a councilor in Barangay Urdaneta in Makati City.

“I strongly believe we can achieve our goals no matter what people say. With the right frame of mind, training, exposure, discipline, skill, we can succeed in life despite the odds! Just like how Manny Pacquiao, the Azkals and other sports heroes have done,” says Chris.

From the Olympics to oral care

Chris believes that self-improvement extends to all aspects of one’s life – even oral care. This is why he switched from his old mouthwash to OraCare Mouthrinse.

“My old mouthwash worked. Like many conventional mouthwashes, the brand contained alcohol. It freshened my breath but only for a short time. Another major downside was the stinging, even burning sensation in my mouth. It even left an unpleasant aftertaste. When I switched to OraCare, I never went back to my old mouthwash brand,” says Chris.

He adds that not only is OraCare pleasant to use, it is also very effective in removing unpleasant mouth odors.

“The first thing I noticed was that OraCare Mouthrinse is clear, like water. I enjoy using it because it does not have alcohol and no strong flavor that can sting my mouth. At the same time, it gives me a refreshing feeling afterwards, with no aftertaste. I just keep using it, bringing it around with me in my gym bag,” says Chris.

For Chris, OraCare is yet another tool for self-improvement.

“It may seem like a minor change, but having fresh, pleasant breath makes a great difference whenever I talk to people—whether they’re my teammates, my fans, my constituents or my friends and relatives. Having fresh breath sends them the message that I care about myself, my hygiene, and that I also care about their comfort when we talk,” he says.

Chris adds that using OraCare improves a person’s oral hygiene and even encourages his friends to use it.

“I have friends who know they ought to use mouthwash more often. Unfortunately, alcohol-based mouthwashes are too strongly-flavored and contain alcohol that can be painful to the mouth. This makes using them quite unpleasant and discourages more regular use,” he says.

And because OraCare contains no alcohol and has a mild flavor, people need not be afraid to try it and experience its benefits for themselves. Its active ingredient, Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide, is proven to effectively eliminate strong mouth odors from flavorful food,as well as kill odor-and-cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth. This combination of potent anti-odor, anti-bacterial effects plus the pleasant, gentle taste and mouth-feel, makes OraCare ideal for those who wish to improve their oral hygiene and, in turn, themselves.

Chris Tiu takes self-improvement seriously and makes it part of his lifestyle. This is why he chose OraCare over his old mouthwash. OraCare is simply the better choice.

OraCare Mouthrinse Cool, Regular and Arctic variants are available in all major supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.