Electronic Commerce in Business Environment

Nowadays, electronic commerce were adapted by some businesses and organizations in their business operations.

Electronic commerce using electronic data interchange or EDI adds to the complexity of auditing.

EDI enables communication without the use of paper, electronic funds transfers and sales over the Internet, simplification of the recording process using scanning devices and sending information to trading partners as transactions occur.

Besides, EDI transactions are formatted using strict standards that have been agreed to worldwide, often requiring companies to acquire translation software.

The Internet in Business Environment

The Internet is a worldwide network that allows virtually any computer system to link to it by way of an electronic gateway.

Besides, the Internet facilities data communication services including: remote login, file transfer, electronic mail and newsgroups.

In relation tho this, Intranets use Internet technology in closed networks while Extranets use Internet technology to link businesses with suppliers, customers, and others.

Networks are part of a decentralized processing system applying distributed data.

In client/server computing, smaller programs are distributed to the workstations enabling the user to communicate with network, referred to as front-end processing.

In end-user computing, a user department generates and uses its own information.