Lookna – Helping Customers Deal with Legit Business

Lookna is a modern age search engine that allows equal opportunity to big and small scale business owners. To eliminate scam and fraud, we provide verification processes that are done by real humans and not just artificial intelligence. Because of that, you can be sure that advertisers who subscribe to Lookna are real service providers and not just middlemen who act as the link between the service providers and customers.

Here are some common issues legit businesses are facing today in regards to advertising.

(1) Click-through problems –. Display advertising for one has some issues that are difficult to fix such as low click-through rates or worst, click fraud.

(2) Unwelcome pop-ups – Pop-up advertising often irritates target audience instead of getting them to click through the pop-up. And then, of course, users have become wiser over the years by installing ad blockers to prevent experiencing pop-ups.

(3)Unpredictable ROI – With, as mentioned on number 1, click-fraud issues as well as what is called a “gray area”, ad space size and so on, there is an unpredictability of an advertiser’s return on investment. Gray area is when a customer clicks on your ad, gets taken to your website, leaves without taking further action, then gets retargeted through some other means such as Facebook, Twitter or some other form of advertising platform, clicks the link, gets taken back to your website, then still doesn’t take further action and so on. With how many times this person is going to click on your ads without taking further action, who knows? But you’re spending money for every single time he clicks on your advert without getting anything in return. Did you get the picture?

(4) No access to data – Advertisers are often facing a blank wall when it comes to trying to find out about user data. They have no clue about the movement of their targeted audience and what would actually make them want to convert into sales.

These are just a few reasons some legit businesses are wary of online advertising, particularly small-scale businesses and startups. Your account security is our utmost concern, which is why we make sure to keep it safe and secure in our database.

Lookna.com is available in two hundred countries worldwide and is actually currently being offered for FREE.

Lookna was built with the goal of eliminating scams and fraud in the market.  For us to achieve our goals, all Lookna accounts will undergo a verification process. This includes you sending us proof of identification and proof of address that is valid from your country of origin.

Advertisers must pass the verification process before they can have their ads displayed. This is to make sure that they are really the person or company providing the services and not just a fraudulent service provider running a scam. If the identity you have provided doesn’t match the person who came in to provide a service, the Searcher or the client has the right to refuse to have the job done and cancel the requested service without any hesitation.

Our website uses SSL technology to protect all the activities you do in Lookna. Once we receive your information (email, password, personal information, credit card details, etc), we encrypt it and store it in our database. Furthermore, we will only use the information you provided for its purpose and will never divulge to third party partners. We do our best to keep your information safe in Lookna, however, you should also make sure that you practice safety procedures to keep your account safe.

Convenient SEO Tool

It’s possible for you to observe one could have 11.7K organic keywords bringing in 61.1K traffic for the chosen date. This attribute is an excellent solution to find out just the keywords which are bringing you traffic, and just how much of your total traffic they’re bringing. Oftentimes, you might even discover keywords which are performing quite firmly on your website which you weren’t previously aware of, letting you retarget those keywords for better efficiency.

We may also click to the problems tab to get a complete read out of all errors, warnings, and notices. Luckily, we are able to see that not one of our pages includes broken external links. Something which should unquestionably be fixed (as it seems Marcus continues to be a slacker) is links that have no-follow characteristics and titles which might be overly long among others. The SEMrush dash is extremely clear-cut. Below that are widgets for every facet of your newest Search Engine Optimization job.

For reference, a problem score is an all in one 1-100 amount that variables Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) Search Engine Optimization metrics in with other information like keyword search quantity, how greatly paid search advertising are affecting the results, and the way the strong the opposition is in each area on the existing search results page. This permits one to really see what strategies your competitors are using. It’s possible for you to view their keyword positions, start to see the worth in their keywords, and assess content on their website. These strategies enable you to monitor your contest and get ideas for the best way to optimize your personal website.

For every single piece that must be corrected, you’ll be able to click the warnings and get readout of the precise pages, links, or pictures that demand focus. Overall, SEMrush is a fantastic tool which can offer an overabundance of advice for anybody trying to optimize their web site, locate the most lucrative keywords to target, and uncover plenty of info about their opponents. You can even read more about this tool in this article. From what we’ve examined (and hopefully now you can see for yourself) SEMrush is easily the most effective Search Engine Optimization keywords tool that can be found on the market right in line with the enormous quantity of info and metrics readily available for view. There’s a tremendous rivalry out there no matter what your market is. Everyone uses different strategies to develop their search traffic and sales. In the event you don’t spy in your opponents’ finest performing keywords, backlinks or traffic, you may hate yourself afterwards.

You can view comprehensive reports on virtually all of your info from SEMrush. It is possible to see a fundamental summary of your Search Engine Optimization software, or you’re able to narrow your focus and get in-depth advice on a single section of your effort.